$1.2M mistakenly Deposited Into Louisiana Woman Account, She spends it and Gets Arrested

A Louisiana Woman receives $1.2M in her account by mistake. The young lady spend all the money, but she was arrested.

Kelyn Spadoni works in a call center for the 911 emergency number. One day, a sum of 1.2 million dollars or456,600,000.00 in Naira was transferred to her bank account by mistake. Kelyn Spadoni did not hesitate to use it, in fact, she bought a house and a car for 1.2 million dollars the same day.

According to the investment bank that transferred the money, it was a technical error. When contacted, Kelyn Spadoni ignored phone calls, emails and text messages asking for a refund.

The bank then filed a complaint with the police, Spadoni was arrested and also lost his job.

Here’s How internet People reacted To the Incident:

If you’re on her shoe will you return the money or spend it like she did?

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