10 Most Difficult Games of the Last Decade

There are many reasons why people love video games, online slots, and other forms of gaming at casino online. One of the best things about video gaming is that it can be easy or difficult, depending on your skill level and experience. However, some video games obviously have a much steeper learning curve than others. Let’s delve into the last decade to find out which video games have been the hardest of all. We congratulate you if you’ve managed to master some or all of these hardcore titles! And now to the games:

  • Elden Ring. Created by FromSoftware Studios, Elden Ring is one of the most recent dark fantasy titles that poses a relentlessly tricky experience to rival the Bloodline and Dark Soul series. Elden Ring features an expansive open world full of imminent danger everywhere you turn. It allows players to pick their own way as they travel through an environment teeming with dark and cryptic places and horrific monsters. It also features soul-crushing boss fights that are notoriously hard to win.
  • Monster Hunter: World. Monster Hunter: World is mighty hard because you must understand the various monsters are powered before you go to battle. Each kind of monster you meet in Monster Hunter: World has a distinct skill, which you can see in its attack patterns. You must learn each monster’s attack pattern before you strike. Moreover, you can choose from 14 different weapons and each weapon comes with a unique quality that could help you defeat a monster easily. Overall, Monster Hunter: World has 48 monsters in total. You must defeat all monsters to complete the game, which is easier said than done.
  • Bloodborne. Most video games know how difficult it was to master the Dark Souls franchise. Players had no choice but to learn and master specific techniques they’d lost over time because video games had gotten easier. However, Bloodborne was one title that made players feel utterly hopeless. Not only was Bloodborne challenging to players, but players found it almost impossible to shield themselves, forcing them to bob and weave when they struck the adversary. With hardly any shields left, Bloodborne became even harder than the Dark Souls series, something many people thought was almost impossible previously.
  • Cuphead. Cuphead combines classic old-school gaming complexity with classic old-school animation techniques. At first glance, this game looks like something you can enjoy playing the whole afternoon but it’s not by any means! Cuphead is a no-holds-barred boss combat game. You must move from one tough boss to another even tougher boss, defeating each one of them to fulfill your contract with the Devil. You can fight bosses in the air or on the ground, firing bullets from airplane weaponry or finger guns. Although you can play Cuphead on your own or with others, neither mode is easy, with the last two boss battles being some of the most difficult in gaming history.
  • Contra. Contra is one of the first-ever smash-hit co-op and one of the most difficult video games. Protagonists Lance and Bill are incredibly fragile dudes and can only handle one blow on any part of their bodies. Even the slightest graze will push them to the brink of death. Considering how much fire you face from enemies, you’ll need tons of fire to defeat all the enemies, even if you’re an expert side scroller.
  • Hotline Miami. Hotline Miami is a video game based on ripping everything up and starting from scratch, with death merely being a second serious handicap at worst. Your task is to storm into a psychedelic house, take down all the enemies inside, and come out unscathed. Hotline Miami sounds like an extremely difficult game for obvious reasons. However, the hypnotizing visuals and pumping music will keep you hooked to the game for hours on end. Those who’ve played this game can attest to its addictive nature, regardless of how many times they’ve lost.
  • Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. In Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, all the enemies seem designed to take you down. The game is mighty hard to defeat because the enemies always seem to find you wherever you hide. Moreover, there aren’t lots of signals to let you know where the enemy fire is coming from. Furthermore, it’s not easy to come up with ways to hide.
  • Death’s Door. While Death Door’s combat ensures that you don’t let your guard down, it’s the seemingly basic task of navigating the game’s world that can drive you crazy. Very few modern games put a premium on knowing where to go like Death’s Door does. So, if your navigation skills are a little rusty, you’re likely to waste quite some time figuring out how to navigate the world of Death’s Door.
  • Celeste. In Celeste, your task is to help a girl hike up a mountain. But there’s one problem: the mountain is full of danger. It’ll continuously drop items that can take you out of the game. Apart from gaming, playing Celeste will help you come to terms with the seriousness of depression. It aims to help you understand the challenges of having to suffer from mental health.
  • Furi. Furi is a great boss rush game since it arms players with all the tools required to face an increasingly battle-hardened set of bosses. While there are many different ways to defeat each boss, the mechanics at your disposal remain the same, making for furiously tense gameplay.

Will the Next Decade Surpass Its Predecessor?

The past decade has seen some truly challenging video games being released. Will the next decade offer new, harder titles to test players’ reflexes and decision-making skills? Probably yes, but it’s hard to predict right now. But in this era of easy gaming, there’s always the opportunity to create new titles for hardcore gamers.