15 Green Plant-Themed Board Games Are Exactly

Calling all cannabis enthusiasts and board game lovers! Are you looking for a way to combine two of your favorite things? Cannabis-themed board games are exactly what you’re looking for.

Get your White Truffle seeds here and get growing. Then, with buds at the ready, gather up some friends, and take your next game night to the next level.

Here are the top 15 board games to add to your shopping cart. Become the best 420-friendly host in the neighborhood.

1. Ganjaland

Are you ready for an adult twist to the popular board game, Candyland? Take an epic adventure through the exciting world of cannabis. The rules are simple. Just draw a card, follow the instructions, and move your character as shown. Reach Cannabis Castle first to become the royal ruler of Ganjaland!

Get everyone around the table, light up a joint, and pass to the left. Once everyone has smoked, you’re ready to enjoy an evening of weed-related entertainment.

2. Pot Farm: The Board Game

If you’ve had a rough week, game nights help to release stress. This board game adaptation of the well-known Facebook game is a fantastic choice. Play against your friends to see who can build the biggest cannabis growing empire.

Grow high-risk crops while outsmarting the Ranger and competing farmers. Can you create the highest valued Pot Farm?

3. Stack the Joints

This is another cannabis twist to a popular game night choice, Jenga. The rules are simple: Stack the joints (wooden blocks) and remove them without the tower falling over. As each player removes a joint, stack it on the top of the tower.

Indulge in your favorite weed to add some excitement and a few good laughs to the game. Each time a player topples the tower, they’re eliminated and the next round begins.

4. THC: The Game

How does a weed version of a drinking game sound to you? Like an epic night of good laughs? Then look no further than THC: The Game. It’s designed for players to get high while having fun. Spin the wheel and move around the board while completing hilarious dares and other challenges. How far will the fun go? You decide on the rule parameters.

5. Weed-Opoly

Become the Head Weedopolist and be the first to reach the “End at Stoned” to win the game of Weed-Opoly. Enjoy the adventurous tactics and test your knowledge on everything related to weed.

6. Cards Against Humanity: Weed Pack

This Cards Against Humanity expansion pack goes along with the original game pack. The expansion has 30 cards related to marijuana to deliver a unique gaming experience. This is not a game for the innocent and faint of mind. So get ready for a funny, shocking, and sometimes offensive game.

7. 420: The Card Game

Whether you’re playing for fun or for points, the 420 card game is the ideal weed party game. With each turn, play an action or question against your opponent, which they must perform. If they refuse, they’ll lose points. Smoke a hit for every point gained or lost.

8. Puff Puff Pass

Truth or dare comes at you with a twist. Gameplay is straightforward, draw a card and do what it says. If you draw the “puff” card, everyone takes a hit. No matter how stoned you get, the game remains fun to play.

9. Pass the Grass

This interactive board game is packed with psychedelic fun. Complete challenges as stated on the drawn card or board space landed on. These challenges range from taking a hit to sharing an embarrassing story. All players contribute to the jackpot pool and the game ends when a player claims it.

10. Deluxe Weed: The Card Game

Get your cards in a row with this strategic game and grow the most plants to win. Steal plants from opponents and bust them for possession. Keep an eye out for extra tools to help your plants thrive and take your opponents down. The game is best suited for 2 to 4 players.

11. Grass

Take on the role of a marijuana dealer and make big bucks. Beware that while you seek the “drug deal” cards to make a quick buck, your opponents may do all they can to interfere. Make as many deals as you can. The first to make $250,000 wins the game.

12. ZONK

This beloved underground stoner game has made its way beyond college campuses. The game entails rolling five dice, accumulating points with each turn. Take hits as you work your way across thresholds and toward specific bonuses. The first player to reach 10,000 points is the winner.

13. Stoner Fluxx

The rules of the game change constantly as players draw new cards. Everyone starts with three cards, drawing and playing one with each round. The instructions vary with each card played, from how to draw cards, to the requirements to win. Since the dynamics change with each play, even new players can follow along.

14. Stoner City

Another variant of Monopoly, Stoner City has players building an empire while dodging the Police. Many of the original Monopoly rules apply, with a few minor adjustments. Occupy the same space as the Police car token and head to rehab.

15. Lords of Cannabis

This game of strategy is packed with corruption, conquests, and farming. The aim of the game is to become the Lord of Cannabis by building an unrivaled empire. Build, steal, and trade your way to the top in this epic adventure.

Let the Games Begin!

Both weed and group games are fantastic social lubricants. Put them together and you’ll have a night of fun, adventure, and plenty of laughs.

Just remember, when selecting your strain on indulgence, consider the expected effects. The last thing you need is to feel couch locked while having to act out card instructions.