20 High Paying Jobs In Canada That Doesn’t Need A Degree

If  the Game of Life (the board game, not the movie) has taught us anything, it’s that brain surgeons, lawyers, and professional athletes are well compensated. Duh. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Wait! Rocket scientists are also well compensated. If those careers sound too daunting, or if sports aren’t your thing, perhaps one of these underrated jobs will be. Because, guess what? A university diploma is not required. With these jobs, you can still make a good living in Canada without a post-secondary education.

Requirements vary by region, but typically all that is required is a high school diploma, a non-probationary driver’s license in good standing with no suspensions, and to meet all of the requirements for a Class “C” license. But, hey, you won’t have to deal with these commutes.


Web Developer Salary Range: $37,000 – $77,000

Requirements: Many designers and developers have a natural talent, so while some companies may require a degree, others will want to see your talent and how good you are. It’s also an excellent career path for women in technology.

Construction Manager Salary Range: $56,000 – $143,000

While some companies require a bachelor’s degree, many only require on-the-job experience to keep things running smoothly on the operations level of a construction project.

Land Surveyor Salary: $40,000 – $95,000

Requirements: Entry-level jobs pay well, but once you get your professional license, you can earn up to $65K per year. However, with time, you could earn a six-figure income.

Realtor: $39,000 – $205,000

Requirements: As with any sales job, you must be brave as hell, but a lot depends on the housing market itself. To become a realtor, all you need is a high school diploma, a real estate training course, and a license to sell, but with millennials preferring to live in expensive cities, you’ll be fine.

Waste collection vehicle

Average Salary for a Garbage Truck Driver: $36,000 – $64,000

Requirements: Most companies seek drivers with a DZ license and good communication skills, as well as an hourly rate (depending on experience).

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As a lawyer states the case, a woman uses a laptop.

Court Reporter Salary: $46,000 – $84,000

A degree is not required, but a two-year court reporting program at one of two schools in Canada — one in Toronto and one in Alberta — is. And the requirements are not to be taken lightly: you must be able to type at least 225 words per minute with near-perfect accuracy. On a steno machine, of course.

Plumber Average Salary Range: $39,000 – $86,000

Requirements: Typically, a high school diploma and a four- to five-year apprenticeship are required. Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories do not require trade certification. However, every little bit helps.

Welder Average Salary: $37,000 – $76,000

Requirements: A high school diploma and, if applicable, certification. Jobs in this field at this level are always in short supply, making welders one of the highest paying in-demand jobs in Canada, and they’re typically located in Western Canada or the Territories, so plan to relocate.

Automotive Service Technician/Mechanic Working Under a Car

The average salary range is $31,000 to $77,000.

A high school diploma or the academic equivalent is required, and some shops require certification. It pays well, but it’s a dirty job. However, everyone must maintain their vehicle; you will never be out of work.

Electrician Repairing AC Power Plugs and Sockets with Pliers

Salary range: $39,000-$91,000 on average

OK, you’ll have to talk to someone to figure out what’s wrong, but once that’s done, you can quietly get to work on repairing, maintaining, or installing electrical systems in homes, offices, or other buildings. Bonus? You do not need a degree to pursue this career.

Sommeliers make between $30,000 and $69,000 per year.

Requirements: This is the place to be. A master sommelier (just one of ten jobs with surprising pay) works in upscale restaurants and is in charge of the wine collection, which includes monitoring the condition of the wine cellar and collaborating with chefs to prepare appropriate wine pairings. A sommelier can work without certification depending on experience, and in some cases, travel to various vineyards to sample wine is required. Where should we sign up?

Nuclear Reactor Operator Salary: $58,000 – $189,000

Requirements: Aside from a high school diploma, operators typically require a three-to-five-year apprenticeship in power system operation, as well as three-plus years of work experience in a related (think electrical or electronic technology) field. According to class, power station operators must hold a provincial or territorial power engineering or stationary engineering certificate, whereas control room operators at nuclear power plants must be licensed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. And we all thought Homer Simpson was a complete moron.

Executive Chef Salary: $41,000 – $91,000

Requirements: A chef can make a good living, especially since some kitchens only require a high school diploma, but you must be able to handle a lot of stress and long hours on your feet. However, trade certifications and management training are likely to be required. Or, as one of the best jobs for retirees, you could always do it part-time later in life.

Average salary range for a bartender: $22,000 – $44,000.

Requirements: Those figures may appear meager, but keep in mind that they represent the average pay. It’s impossible to say how much a bartender makes, or even average it out, but if you have a great personality, are a sympathetic listener, and can pour a stiff drink (which may require certification, depending on the employer), this could be ideal. However, all of the evening and night work may make it only a temporary situation — until something better comes along.

Accounts Manager Salary: $38,000 – $93,000

Requirements: Entry-level jobs can be stressful — and fast-paced and intense in many agencies — but they also pay well. Though a degree isn’t required (though it is encouraged), this role is heavily reliant on customer service, communication, and a bright personality to do the job right. If you enjoy managing relationships and being around people (and constantly talking to them), this could be the job for you.

Food Server Salary: $24,000 – $37,000

Requirements: Just like bartenders, you must consider the big picture. So, if you’re good with people, dealing with difficult customers, and can find a restaurant with a high-tipping clientele, you could make a fortune.

Actor Average Salary Range: $24,000 – 215,000

Requirements: While there are more struggling actors than global superstars, Mark Wahlberg, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Tom Cruise have taught us that you don’t even need a high school diploma to achieve fame and fortune.

Air Traffic Controller Average Salary: $52,000 – $134,000

A high school diploma, a basic radio telephone operator’s license, completion of a NAV Canada training program, and an air traffic controller license are all required. Having said that, it is one of the most stressful jobs available, but the bonuses and excellent benefits make it very appealing.


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