2022 World Cup: Here Are The Top 20 Africans In The Monthly FIFA Ranking

According to the latest calculations of the International Football Federation, after the recent 2022 World Cup matches in Qatar, there will be some rearrangement in the monthly FIFA ranking of nations to determine the best African national team players in December.



Eleventh in the world, Morocco dethroned Senegal in this world cup!
Indeed, authors of a history-making run at the World Cup in Qatar, the Lions of Morocco (2nd in Africa, 22nd overall bridge) will be the biggest beneficiaries of the next FIFA ranking for the African Region to be unveiled Thursday, December 22.


Being the first African country in history to qualify for the round of the last 4 teams, Morocco has so far gained 108.88 points in the ranking to reach t1th place in the world (11 places) and the top of the continental ranking.

As a result, the Moroccans have dethroned African champion Senegal (2nd), relinquishing the top spot in Africa for the first time since 2018.

Cameroon gains 10 places after its World Cup.

The group stage of the 2022 World Cup will still climb on the African podium. Next will come the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon (4ᵉ of Africa), the winners of Brazil (10) in Qatar, and those who have conquered no less than 10 world places.


Below is the African Top 20 in the world as of December 12, 2022:

1) Morocco (11th in the world) (↑11)

2) Senegal (19th in the world) (↓1)

3) Tunisia (29th in the world) (↑1)

4) Cameroon (33rd in the world) (↑10)

5) Nigeria (35th in the world) (↓3)

6) Algeria (38th in the world) (↓1)

7) Egypt (40th in the world) (↓1)

8) Mali (45th in the world) (↑1)

9) Ivory Coast (47th in the world) (↑1)

10) Burkina Faso (50th in the world) (↑4)

11) Ghana (58th in the world) (↑3)

12) South Africa (67th in the world)

13) Cape Verde (72nd in the world) (↓1)

14) DR Congo (73rd in the world)

15) Gabon (79th in the world) (↑2)

16) Guinea (83rd in the world)

17) Zambia (88th in the world)

18) Uganda (89th in the world)

19) Benin (91st in the world)

20) Equatorial Guinea (98th in the world)


Top 20 in the world as of December 12, 2022:


1) Brazil

2) France (↑2)

3) Argentina

4) Belgium (↓2)

5) England

6) Netherlands (↑2)

7) Italy (↓1)

8) Portugal (↑1)

9) Croatia (↑3)

10) Spain (↓3)

11) Morocco (↑11)

12) Switzerland (↑3)

13) United States (↑3)

14) Germany (↓3)

15) Mexico (↓2)

16) Uruguay (↓2)

17) Colombia

18) Denmark (↓8)

19) Senegal (↓1)

20) Japan (↑4)



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