4 Different Theme Parties That Are Super Fun to Host

Parties have been the way to celebrate life’s standout occasions and recurring festivals alike. Human beings love getting together for a few hours of merry-making and connecting with “our circle” of friends and family. We love hosting parties as well (those of us who are social and enjoy such soirees, that is). But just having a sit-down dinner or a regular house party can get boring over time. The way to elevate your parties – throw a super fun themed party. 

Decide on a theme, then make sure the decor and setup match that theme, and also the party activities. Party planning is no joke. It takes focus, creativity, and attention to detail. While the execution of a party theme is always going to be on you (and whoever you can rope in to help), we can provide you with a few different fun themes along with ideas on how to accomplish them. All you have to do is pick your favourite theme and actually throw the awesome party.

Here are 4 of the most creative and fun theme ideas for epic get-togethers.

  1. Era-themed parties – It could be a 90’s themed party, or 80’s, 70’s, or even 20’s (hello, flapper dresses!). But it has to be pre-2000s in order to be a proper theme. The post-2000s era is basically close enough still to not count as a historical theme. Our personal favourite is the 90s theme because we grew up in the 90s, and it’s pretty nostalgic to go back down memory lane. You can have candy and soda that used to be popular back then and play games that defined that era. Make sure your guests are willing to follow a dress code to match the theme. For a 90s theme party, see if you can get a boombox and play the most popular songs of that decade to really catch the feel.
  2. Casino-themed parties – Your party venue should feel like a classy, opulent casino where people can sit at different gaming tables and sip wine while experiencing the thrill of recreational gambling. You can have a mix of games that are played without money and a few that require real money wagering. Some of the games like Jhandi Munda and Card games like Blackjack are easy to recreate. But some others, like Roulette (because actual roulette wheels are expensive), can be played on numerous online casinos – all you really need is a laptop or tablet. If you don’t want your guests to spend their money but still have fun, you can fill up your casino wallet beforehand and simply chalk that up as a party expense. You can even set up a bar table where you or another co-host can bartend! Your guests will love to dress up in fancy evening attire for an awesome casino night. 
  3. Competitive game night – There are so many party games that you can play competitively and keep the scores running throughout the night. The player with the highest score at the end of the night wins! Some games can be played in teams and others individually. Go all out when planning these games but keep in mind that you and the person helping you organise everything (let’s say, an assistant) will have to sit out the games – you can’t participate because you will be hosting the gameplay. From silly physical games to brain-teasing puzzles to even super-creative escape rooms, you can plan any kind of games that your friends and family will enjoy. 
  4. Bollywood theme party – This is a classic one, but hardly anyone does it anymore outside of TV shows. Bollywood theme parties are a bit tricky because they’re only fun if all the guests are up for cosplaying or actually making the effort to dress up as iconic movie characters. So make sure your friends are into it before you plan such a party. You can play Bollywood-themed games like “Guess the song from its hook-step”, “Guess the film from its dialogue”, or even a simple Bollywood trivia quiz. To take things up a notch, have custom-made cocktails with Bollywood-themed names.