A Year-Long Mystery, The Jared Bridegan’s Murder Case

A Year Long Mystery The Jared Bridegans Murder Case

Who Is Jared Bridegan?

Jared is Microsoft executive and father of four. Police in Florida have announced an arrest in the nearly year-old murder case of Jared Bridegan.

A Year Long Mystery The Jared Bridegans Murder Case

Mr Bridegan, 33, was shot multiple times from close range after a tire in the road forced him to pull over. He had just dropped his twin daughters off at their mother’s house when he encountered the road block, and was shot immediately after he exited his car.

The Murder Case In Detail

On 16 February, 2022, around 8pm, Mr Bridegan was in the Sanctuary neighbourhood in south Jacksonville Beach, where he had just dropped his twin 10-year-old daughters off at his ex-wife’s house after taking them to dinner.

A third daughter, a two-year-old he had with his second wife, was still in his car when Mr Bridegan encountered a tire blocking the one-way road he was travelling on.

He was still approximately two miles away from his ex-wife’s house when he encountered the roadblock. Mr Bridegan stepped out of his vehicle to move the tire, and when he did, he was shot numerous times from close range. Jacksonville Beach Police Sargent Tonya Tator said officers believed the tire was planted at the site to stop Mr Bridegan’s vehicle.

“When officers got on the scene, they found the vehicle with the flashers on, and there was a tire up in front of his vehicle in the roadway,”. “From there we are just trying to put the pieces together. There were no problems with his vehicle.”


In the months since, details of Mr Bridegan’s messy divorce and custody battle with his ex-wife, Shanna Gardener-Fernandez, have come to light, though no further developments in the criminal investigation were announced to the public.

However, on Wednesday, police in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, announced an arrest in the case: Henry Tenon, 61, was charged with with conspiracy to commit murder, second-degree murder with a weapon, accessory after the fact to a capital felony, and felony child abuse, all relating to Mr Bridegan’s murder.

But what connection does Mr Tenon have to Mr Bridegan, and why do police believe he did not act alone?