Abstraktt – Ogogoro Bop ft Bella Shmurda

Abstraktt, a Nigerian recording artist, has released a new masterpiece record titled “Ogogoro Bop.”

This time, he collaborates with Dangbana Republik serial hitmaker Bella Shmurda, who transformed the sleeper hit into an instant hit.

Listen and download Nigerian recording artiste, Abstraktt unleashes a new masterpiece record dubbed, “Ogogoro Bop”.


This time, he teams up with Dangbana Republik serial hitmaker, Bella Shmurda who turned the sleeper hit to instant one.

Collaborations in the music industry often give rise to tracks that combine diverse musical elements, resulting in a fresh and unique sound. Abstraktt’s “Ogogoro Bop,” featuring the talented Bella Shmurda, is a prime example of such a collaboration. Through this song, listeners are treated to a fusion of groovy beats, urban energy, and infectious melodies that captivate the senses.

Abstraktt’s Musical Artistry

Abstraktt, known for his real name Tolani Oladapo, is a Nigerian artist and producer with a flair for infusing various genres into his music. His innovative approach to songwriting and production showcases his versatility and creativity. Abstraktt’s music often reflects a mix of contemporary sounds and his unique musical influences.

Bella Shmurda’s Emerging Stardom

Bella Shmurda, born Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed, has rapidly ascended the ranks of the Nigerian music scene. With a distinct blend of afrobeats, street-hop, and urban soundscapes, Bella Shmurda’s music resonates with a younger generation. His signature style is marked by his ability to tell relatable stories through his lyrics and melodies.

Exploring “Ogogoro Bop”

“Ogogoro Bop” is a collaborative effort that merges Abstraktt’s creative production with Bella Shmurda’s vibrant vocals and captivating presence. The song is a celebration of life, freedom, and the joy of coming together to dance and enjoy the moment. “Ogogoro,” a Nigerian alcoholic beverage, is used as a metaphor for the carefree and lively atmosphere of the song.

Fusion of Groove and Urban Vibes

The synergy of “Ogogoro Bop” lies in the blend of Abstraktt’s groovy beats and Bella Shmurda’s urban energy. The track’s infectious rhythm and catchy melody create a mood that’s perfect for dancing and revelry. The combination of afrobeats, hip-hop, and contemporary elements results in a vibrant sonic experience that appeals to a wide audience.

Lyrical Simplicity and Catchy Hooks

Lyrically, “Ogogoro Bop” exudes a carefree spirit, encouraging listeners to let loose and enjoy the moment. The repetition of lines like “Ogogoro Bop, we go dey alright” creates a catchy hook that’s easy to sing along to. Bella Shmurda’s delivery adds an extra layer of energy, enhancing the song’s feel-good atmosphere.

Energetic Production and Urban Flair

The production of “Ogogoro Bop” is marked by its lively beat, infectious percussions, and dynamic instrumentation. The song’s vibrant synths and playful sound effects create an urban flair that complements the celebratory theme. The track’s arrangement is tailored to incite movement and evoke a sense of euphoria.

Impact and Reception

“Ogogoro Bop” has resonated with fans and music enthusiasts since its release. The collaboration between Abstraktt and Bella Shmurda brought attention to the song’s energetic and danceable nature. The track’s joyful vibes and carefree spirit have made it a popular choice for parties, playlists, and occasions where people come together to celebrate life.


Abstraktt’s “Ogogoro Bop” featuring Bella Shmurda is a testament to the magic of musical collaboration. The song’s fusion of groovy beats, urban energy, and infectious melodies creates an immersive experience that invites listeners to let go and enjoy the moment. As audiences engage with the track’s celebratory atmosphere, they are reminded of the universal joy that music can bring and the power of collaboration in shaping unique and memorable sounds.