Acyn Torabi Biography, Nationality, Family Life, Social Media Exposure

Acyn Torabi is a famous American influencer and social media personality, mainly known for his self-titled Twitter account, @acyn, where he has accumulated over 334k thousand followers in less than a decade and a half of joining the platform.

Profile Summary

Full Name Acyn Torabi
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity White-American
Occupation Social Media Personality
Siblings Brother, Ehsan Torabi, and a sister Azar Torabi.
Famous for Controversies
Net Worth $1 million

Who is Acyn Torabi?

Torabi is a Twitter social media user who gave himself the tag “Internet Hooligan” on the short written-text-sharing platform and more or less living up to it, Acyn tweets in the form of written texts and short videos on the platform. You will often see him sharing his political views and other issues he is interested in. He joined the platform in October 2008 and has made about 127k thousand tweets.

Acyn Torabi Biography Nationality Family Life Social Media Exposure
Acyn Torabi family

Early Life of Acyn Torabi


Acyn Torabi hasn’t said a thing about his date of birth, sources presume he was born between 1987 and 1993 in his home country, the United States of America, and so is between the ages of 29 and 35.

He has a brother, Ehsan Torabi, and a sister named Azar Torabi. Acyn Torabi was raised with his two siblings in their hometown, Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America.

Acyn is classified under the White-American ethnic classification. He possesses an aesthetic dark brown pair of eyes, short black hair, and a white skin color. Acyn had to be fun-filled because his siblings were there to make it so.

Career Path of Acyn Torabi

Torabi is known in the media industry for his self-titled Twitter account, @acyn, created in October 2008, Acyn describes his personality as an “Internet Hooligan.” He has been on the platform for almost a decade, tweeting and talking about famous figures and controversial topics.

Acyn Torabi Net Worth

Though Acyn Torabi hasn’t revealed anything about his earnings or net worth, it is however estimated that he is worth over $1 million.


Regarding controversies, Acyn is considered one of the most controversial, along with his fellow Twitter titan, Aaron Rupar, whom he would meet for the first time at a journalism forum in Los Angeles in 2022. Talking more often about celebrities such as Nikki Minaj, Donald Trump, and Hawley, to mention only a few, Acyn also tweets about controversial issues, including the marginalization of people in the LGBTQ+ community.


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