Alfala Vinoj Khan Biography, Nationality, Family, Career Path and Social Media Handles

Alfala Vinoj Khan is a gorgeous young lady who have utilize and still utilizes the social media space. She is an Indian social media star who has earned popularity through her TikTok videos.

Profile Summary

Full Name Alfala Vinoj Khan
Gender Female
Nationality Indian
Occupation Social Media Personality
Social Media Handle Instagram – @alfala-vinoj-khan

Tiktok – @alfala_vinoj-khan

Famous as Social Media Personality

Who is Alfala Vinoj Khan?

Alfala Vinoj Khan is a famous Indian web star who gained fame through the lip-syncing app of TikTok. The young girl with an innocent face has over 323.9k followers on her TikTok account as of now.


Khan have captured many a heart through her lip-syncing social media platforms. She has gathered over 4.6M likes on her TikTok, as she is not just limited to only lip-syncing app but also comes up with various creative videos.

What Is Alfala Vinoj Khan Social Media Handles?

Alfala Vinoj Khan is very active on the social media space where she runs different accounts on the numerous platforms.

Alfala Vinoj Khan Biography Nationality Family Career Path And Net Worth
Alfala Vinoj Khan

Alfala goes by the Instagram username of @alfala-vinoj-khan.

Whilst still at taht, she can also be found on TikTok with the username @alfala_vinoj-khan. Alfala is famous on TikTok and is also a popular face on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Khan has over 163k followers, with 254 posts on her Instagram account. Peeking into her account, we can see how gorgeous she is and how easily she can influence anyone with her charming appearance.


Alfala Vinoj Khan truly confirmed the tragic death of her fellow social media active friend, Rifa Mehnu through her Instagram platform. Rifa Mehnu was said to have taken her own life in Dubai. Internet is busting with the unexpected suicide news of Rifa, who is a social media influencer and is also famous on YouTube. Many of her admirers are devastated to hear the news.


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