All There Is To Know About Dana Lavas

All There Is To Know About Dana Lavas

Who Is Dana Lavas?

Dana Lavas is the ex-wife of Jason Gedrick, an actor best known for his breakout role on the smash-hit Tv series, Murder One, and Boomtown. Dana Lavas is the lady whose name has become synonymous with her ex-celebrity husbands in the media. She is in fact, Jason Gedrick’s ex-wife, with whom he shares three adult children. Dana Lava’s precise birth date is unknown. Lavas was born in the United States in 1960, making her 54 years old in 2023.

All There Is To Know About Dana Lavas

Dana Lavas

What is Dana Lavas Profession?

Her profession is not known yet as she has decided to keep a low profile. Her profession is not known at the moment. Her fans are eager to know what she does now but she has kept it a secret for now. Dana’s ex-husband actor known for the roles he played in various movies.  He is doing well at the moment and is well known.


Following that, Dana’s ex appeared in Promised Land, and much other television series and movies. He was most known for his performances in Backdraft, Crossing the Bridge, and Sweet Justice. Jason also appeared in Ally McBeal as the sexy car wash guy. Dana’s ex-husband appeared in the Falcone, EZ Streets, and The Beast television series as well. The next year, he was cast I The Last Don and The Last Don II.