An Open Letter To Nigeria Government By Oodera

The Positive Impact Of Online Businesses, Open Letter To Nigeria Govt By Oodera


For so long have we, the Nigerian youths, sat back and watch the Nigerian government tag almost all the internet and online businesses as a fraudulent business.


There have over the years been molestation and harassment on young and vibrant youths, brilliant ones at that, consistently for being involved in genuine and legit businesses that are carried out online.

All round the globe especially in developed countries, the government as well as the citizens are already woke to the fast development of the use of technology. But sadly, in my dear country, it’s being tagged “illegal and fraudulent”.

Just have in your possession a good laptop or carry with you an iPhone or other accessories that’s used for an online business and you can easily be apprehended by the security officers or other officers who sometimes, quite funny and sad as it is, would leave their jobs and act like officers in charge of criminal activities! And I then ask myself, ‘when did we get to this point?’ Permit me to use pidgin English, ‘who do us this kain thing?’.

I had to put this letter together to bring your attention as the government of this country to this and make it known to you that, NOT all activities done on the internet are fraudulent! As a government that’s meant to serve the people and give your best to the development of the country and her citizens, you should channel your research on development towards the technology sector. Here in lies the future ‘oil’ that many countries use today to develop their country and generate revenue.

You want the unemployed graduates off the streets? Encourage them to use the technology as a lifeline to provide income for themselves from genuine sources.

Generate programs that would create awareness for the youths on how to get busy create jobs for the themselves from the various job opportunities that the current day technology have in store for them. As a government, you can empower the youths with either cash or tools that they would need to venture into various online businesses.

Cryptocurrency is one of the online businesses that’s thriving in many countries especially in the US and India. It’s not just a business, it’s one that can generate a good amount of money in a very short period of time. The world have fast evolved past where the youths move around with their certificate, going from one firm to the other in search of vacant positions in various offices. These days, youths stay at home or any comfort zone of their choice and generate money daily, weekly and monthly. This is what is happening all over the globe right now.

How do you think that the youths fetched money for themselves during the global lockdown owing to the Covid-19 around 2020? These various online businesses saved them from hunger and strife. And by youths, I’m not only referring to the Nigerian youths, but youths in developed countries. In conclusion, I beseech you to review this open letter, ponder over it and make a swift decision on the possibility and positive effects these online businesses would do for the country, not just for the individual citizens, but also for the nation at large. There’s a popular adage that goes thus, ‘Make Hay While The Sun Shines’ The sun is already shinning, why don’t you make the hay?

Written by Oodera Webmaster at

Happy New year Nigerians..God bless Nigeria.

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