Anugrah Tiwari Biography, Age, Nationality, Family, Marital Life and Career Path

Anugrah Tiwari Biography Age Nationality Family Career Path And Net Worth

Anugrah Tiwari is an Indian fitness trainer and also married to one of Indian talented and notable actresses, Sayantani Ghosh.

Profile Summary

Full Name Anurag Tiwari
Gender Male
Spouse Sayantani Ghosh
Nationality Indian
Occupation Indian Fitness Trainer
Famous as Sayantani Ghosh husband

Who is Anugrah Tiwari

Anugrah Tiwari is an energetic looking Indian fitness trainer, who have gone wide after getting married to the Indian television actress Sayantani Ghosh in 2021. Anugrah and Sayantani have dated each other for eight years. They got engaged on 5 December 2021. Their wedding also took place on the same day.

Career Path of Anugrah Tiwari

Outside being a fitness trainer, nothing much is known or have been recorded about Tiwari, unlike his wife who have gathered fan from across the globe as an actress. Sayantani Ghosh has starred in shows such as Kumkum: Pyaara Sa Bandhan, Naaginn 4, Naamkarann, and even the reality show Bigg Boss 6.

Anugrah Tiwari Biography Age Nationality Family Career Path And Net Worth

Anugrah Tiwari wife, Sayantani Ghosh

Marital Life of Anugrah Tiwari

Anugrah Tiwari tied the knot with Sayantani Ghosh at a private and intimate ceremony in Kolkata. Sayantani shared a few photographs on Instagram, where she was dressed in a red Banarasi saree. Her husband, Anugrah wore a dhoti and embroidered kurta.


Sayantani Ghosh once told Calcutta Times that, “The moment I wore my shankha and pola I felt something changing inside. I have worn shankha-pola before, for different characters I played on screen. But this time, it was for real! I think a Bengali bride always looks pretty in a laal Benarasi, shankha-pola, chandan on the forehead and sindoor.” Sayantani had earlier said that she had worn her grandmother’s saree for her engagement, and the rest of the gifts were from her parents. She also mentioned that the ring ceremony had been an emotional one, as she missed his father, who had passed away a few years ago. The couple will host a reception in Jaipur, which is Anugrah’s hometown.