Aria Ella Thornton is the youngest daughter of the famous American rapper Adolph Robert Thornton whose stage name is Dolph.

Profile Summary

Full Name Aria Ella Thornton
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 2017 (6 years as at 2023)
Nationality American
Father/Mother Adolph Robert Thornton/
Brother Tre Tre Thornton

 Who is Aria Ella Thornton?

Aria Thornton is the well-known daughter of the late rapper Young Dolph, who passed away after a drive-by shooting incident. Sadly enough, she will have to grow up without a father.

Considering her young age, various aspects do not apply to the youngster, including a profession, educational background, established net worth, romantic orientation, and any forms of social media.

Early Life of Aria Ella Thornton

Aria was born in April 2017, meaning she is six years old as at 2023. She is the youngest daughter of Mia and the late Young Dolph. Aria grew up in Los Angeles, the United States of America.  Aria Ella Thornton and Young Dolph often spent time together as she accompanied him to some of his concerts and public appearances. On top of this, she appears in various videos and posts by the late Young Dolph on social media. In one of the videos, she plays with make-up while her father raps in the background.

Aria Ella Thornton Biography Age Nationality Father Mother And Sibling
Aria Ella Thornton and family

Aria has an elder brother called Tre Tre Thornton. He is the only son of the late Young Dolph and his long-time partner, Mia Jaye. Tre Tre was born on June 20, 2014, in Memphis, Tennessee, the United States of America. Tre Tre completed her kindergarten in 2020 and has developed a great interest in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Who is Aria Ella’s Thornton Father?

Adolph Robert Thornton is the father of Aria, he goes by the stage name of Dolph. Although originally from Chicago, Illinois, Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., better known by his professional name Young Dolph moved to Memphis, Tennesee, when he was two years old, with his new hometown becoming a large part of his identity as a rapper. It is also where he ultimately met his demise at just 36 years old.

Robert has a concise life as he died too fast at 36 by a gunshot near his house. Likewise, Adolph Robert was born on July 27, 1985, and died on November 17, 2021; and had a very short lifetime in which he gained a lot of popularity and fame from the people.

How Did Aria Ella Thornton’s Father Die?

Aria Thornton’s father, Young Dolph, passed away after being shot 22 times at a Memphis bakery in 2021. Autopsy reports revealed that the rapper died from gunshot wounds from the hail of bullets falling on his chest and other parts of his body. According to the report, he was shot in his left chest, left abdomen, right chin, right shoulder, arms, and multiple times in his back. It was difficult for Young Dolph’s family after learning about the unfortunate incident.

The shooters were travelling in a stolen Mercedes-Benz. They attacked him when he visited Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies in his hometown. Young Dolph’s family honoured the late rapper at a public memorial at the FedExForum arena in Mephis, Tennessee. Fans and community members also attended to pay tribute to the slain rapper. Fth

Who is Aria Ella Thornton’s Mother?

Aria Ella Thornton’s mother’s name is Mia Jaye. On April 15 1989, she was born in Detroit, Michigan, United States. Likewise, Mia Jaye has been in a relationship with her long-term boyfriend, Adolph Robert, who is well known as an American rapper. Mia Jaye is a famous entrepreneur, social activist, and social media influencer. She is also a podcast host who earns a good amount of money throughout her career. Likewise, Mia Jaye is also a founder of the fashion brand The Mon E.O. She seems to be a successful businesswoman who can take care of herself.

Therefore, she and her boyfriend stayed in a very long-term relationship and later welcomed their first baby boy together. She was on her career stage when she met Adolph, already a famous rapper. Now, After Adolph left her and her children, she has been handling her business career and her children equally. She has been giving the love of both mother and father at the same time and is hence known as an independent supermom for her son and daughter.


Adolph Robert Thornton was in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Mia Jaye. The couple didn’t get married or should i say never got the chance to get married but they had two children. Their children names are Tre Tre Thomson‘s oldest son and his youngest daughter Aria Ella Thornton.

Adolph died a year ago and left his children and girlfriend behind. The family got detached by the death of their loved one. Adolph Robert‘s songs are as follows: 100 shots, Talking to my scale, Foreva, Water on Water on Water on, To be honest, no sense, and so on.

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