Arijit Singh – Sanam Re Lyrics Translation (Title Song)

Sanam Re Lyrics Translation by Arijit Singh, Indiana Singer, songwriter and compser

sanam re lyrics arijit singh;




bheegi bheegi saDkon pe main

tera intezaar karoon

dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko

tere hi naam karoon


on wet roads,

I wait for you..

slowly, I give the land of my heart,

to you..

[i.e. slowly, you are becoming the owner of my heart.]


khud ko main yoon kho doon

ke phir na kabhi paaun

haule haule zindagi ko

ab tere hawaale karun


I lose myself in such a way

that I don’t ever find myself again.

gradually, I give my life,

to you only..


sanam re, sanam re

tu mera sanam hua re

karam re, karam re

tera mujhpe karam hua re


O my beloved, my idol,

you have become my love..

there is mercy,

your mercy on me..


tere kareeb jo hone laga hoon

to TooTe saare bharam re


now that I am coming close to you,

my delusions are breaking..


sanam re, sanam re

tu mera sanam hua re

sanam re, sanam re

tu mera sanam hua re


baadalon ki tarah hi to

tune mujhpe saaya kiya hai

baarishon ki tarah hi to

tune khushiyon se bhigaaya hai

aandhiyon ki tarah hi to

tune hosh ko uDaaya hai


like clouds,

you have created a shade over me..

like rains,

you have drenched me in joys..

like storms,

you have blown away my senses..


mera muqaddar sanwaara hai yoon

naya savera jo laaya hai tu

tere sang hi bitaane hain mujhko

mere saare janam re


you have bettered my fate in such a way

that you have brought a new morning for me..

I have to pass with you only

all my lives..


sanam re, sanam re..


mere sanam re mera hua re

tera karam re mujhpe hua ye


O my beloved, you have become mine,

this mercy you have done to me.

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