Astroworld Festival: Would Travis Scott Have Sacrificed The Audience’s ?

At the “Astroworld Festival” in Houston, Texas, last Sunday, at least Nine (9) people died during a concert organized and held by Travis Scott.

At the moment, hundreds of other injured people are being treated.

The videos of the concert, reveal that Travis would have continued in spite of the people fainted, and people who asked the stop of the concert. Faced with this revelation, Internet users are divided into three categories.

There are those who think that Travis is innocent, those who believe he is guilty because he would have stopped his concert, and finally those who think that he would have sacrificed his audience for satanic rituals.


The day after the tragedy, Travis published an apology video in which he seemed drugged, and which did not convince many people, because his apology seemed inaudible, badly stated and forced.

In the aftermath, several videos appeared showing Fans shouting “Stop The Show”, but the artist seemed deaf to the requests.

A 25 year old artist named Diablo, was present at the concert, and spends time posting videos of the event to convince others that the whole thing was a satanic ritual. He says, “This experience opened my eyes to Travis and the symbolism.

He posted images of the scene that looked like a large pyramid with a large eye in the center, and a photo of the set (a Travis Scott Zombie), and says, “That was what the dead people looked like, death was definitely the theme of the night.

Also, he posted a message that appeared on the big screen before the concert started saying, “See Ya on the other side. And when Master P (one of the performers) finished his performance, he said “Make an effort not to die tonight”.

So many clues that tend to confirm the hypothesis of a ritual and a conspiracy theory. Travis Scott promised to take care of the funeral ceremonies of the deceased, and to face the lawsuits that are filed against him.



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