Ayra Starr has released a new single track called “Bloody Samaritan” that is sure to be a hit. It’s melodious and catchy with an upbeat rhythm.

The production scene was conducted by London, so you know it’s going to sound great! You will love this song!

If you’re looking for something fresh and exciting, then look no further than Bloody Samaritan by Ayra Starr. This song is the perfect way to kick off your year 2021 in style! What are you waiting for? Download Bloody Samaritan today!

In the realm of contemporary music, artists often use their craft to explore profound themes and emotions. Ayra Starr, the rising Nigerian music sensation, accomplishes just that with her haunting and introspective track “Bloody Samaritan.” The song delves into the complexities of self-discovery and the darker facets of relationships, demonstrating Ayra Starr’s unique ability to blend evocative storytelling with a captivating musical arrangement.

Ayra Starr’s Ascent

Ayra Starr burst onto the Nigerian music scene like a comet with her eponymous debut EP. Signed to Mavin Records, the label founded by music icon Don Jazzy, Ayra quickly garnered attention for her soulful voice and thought-provoking lyrics. At a young age, she showcased a mature understanding of the human experience through her music, drawing comparisons to established artists.

Unraveling “Bloody Samaritan”

“Bloody Samaritan” is a standout track from Ayra Starr’s debut EP. The song’s title alone suggests a paradox, evoking thoughts of someone who offers help but also causes harm


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