Bettye Fulford Biography, Nationality, Family, Professional Life and Husband

Bettye Fulford is the second wife of John Daly. She is a hotel convention planner from Georgia. She married Daly in 1992 but their relationship didn’t last long. They were divorced in 1995.

Profile Summary

Full Name Bettye Fulford
Gender Female
Occupation Hotel Convention Planner
Ex-Spouse John Daly
Divorced 1995
Famous as John Daly’s ex-wife

Career Path of Bettye Fulford

Bettye previously worked as a hotel convention planner from Georgia. She is famous as the wife of John Daly. There is no further details about her and she merely became popular for her marriage with the golf star.

Bettye Fulford Biography Nationality Family Professional Life And Husband
Bettye Fulford

Marital Life of Bettye Fulford


Bettye’s husband, American professional golfer John Daly married Bettye Fulford in the summer of 1992. Prior to his marriage to Betty, John Daly was married to Dale Crafton in 1987.

But the marriage between him and his first wife collapsed in 1990. There is no details about what compelled him and his first wife to divorce. Whenever the issue of his marriage is being discussed, he prefers to keep those details from the public domain.

John Daly and his second wife Bettye Fulford had a daughter called Shynah Hale. But the marriage was not meant to last as things took a negative turn.


John Daly who was her ex-husband was charged in December 1992 with third degree assault. He reportedly went berserk and threw Bettye into a wall. The unfortunate incident happened in their home in Denver.

The very details of what brought about the assault remained unclear as Bettye has refused to make it public and did not pursue the matter.

John Daly wrote in his autobiography that he has not laid his hands on her and has never in his entire life hurt a woman. The couple got divorced somewhere in 1995.


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