Beyond Don’t Drink and Drive – The Powerful Impact of MADD in Canada

Losing someone you care for due to impaired driving has an irreparable toll, but MADD’s activism encourages others to take action and make a difference.

Victim impact panels offer drunk drivers a stark reminder of the severe repercussions associated with their actions, reminding them that drinking and driving is never acceptable.

Preventing Deaths

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) was officially founded at a press conference held by its founding members on February 8, 1982 with a clear mission in mind – to influence DUI laws, increase awareness of alcohol-related crashes, assist victims and influence alcohol laws. Since that time, MADD has worked diligently towards preventing future impaired driving deaths through education and public policy work.

MADD’s hallmark holiday campaign, Project Red Ribbon, runs annually from November to January and emphasizes the significance of sober driving. This event allows MADD and those affected by drunk driving to come together as one voice to address these important issues. In particular, families impacted by these tragedies have an opportunity to share their voices through this powerful platform.

MADD Canada not only runs awareness campaigns but also offers victim services programs and death notification training to police, firefighter, and medical personnel; youth services; school services such as an assembly presentation that tours high schools with generous support from NB Liquor and Alcool; this presentation gives students an awareness of what can happen when someone chooses to get behind the wheel while impaired as well as providing them with knowledge and motivation to avoid this behavior in future.

Supporting Victims

Mission of Organization : to stop impaired driving, assist victims of violent crime, and prevent underage drinking.” Lobby governments to pass laws and policies to increase penalties for impaired drivers and reduce underage drinking; it also mounts campaigns such as Red Ribbon Campaign to raise awareness about dangers related to impaired driving.

MADD Canada’s Victim Services program assists survivors of drunk driving crashes with emotional support and legal assistance, as well as bursaries for postsecondary education. This service is open to anyone affected by impaired driving regardless of when their accident took place.

Alcohol impairment begins after just one drink and crashes are more likely when people fall under the 0.08 limit. If you’ve been injured by an impaired driver, contact Mass Tsang immediately and learn how they can assist.

Educating the Public

MADD Canada educates the public on the dangers associated with impaired driving. Through school programs and partnerships with police forces, MADD Canada informs people about its impacts. MADD Canada works alongside them to provide educational materials on driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

An individual charged with DUI faces harsh penalties such as license suspensions, heavy fines, vehicle impoundment and mandatory alcohol education or treatment programs. All these sanctions should make people reconsider driving after having just had a drink or two.

RCMP officers are often the first on the scene of drunk driving accidents, witnessing first-hand their devastation to families and friends. Recognizing that just one drink can change lives forever, Canadian RCMP officers have dedicated their careers to informing young people of these risks through witnessing such accidents themselves or hearing directly from survivors who have been affected. Their messages to young people reflect these experiences directly or through personal accounts from survivors who were affected.

Creating Change

MADD advocates for a zero-tolerance policy towards drinking and driving and urges abstinence from alcohol. Their advocacy efforts, including lobbying governments for stricter laws on underage drinking and drunk driving and supporting sobriety checkpoints, have resulted in reduced fatal crashes associated with impaired driving.

The charity’s 1986 campaign made famous the Red Ribbon as a symbol of support for victims and their families, with volunteers handing out ribbons for motorists to tie onto their vehicles as a reminder against drink driving. Today, this effort continues, with volunteers offering these ribbons out directly.

MADD Canada reports that road crash deaths are the leading cause of youth death between 16-25 in Canada, often with alcohol, marijuana or other drugs as contributors. Their school program seeks to discourage young people from becoming impaired drivers; as of February 22nd alone this message was presented 2,751 times! In addition, victim services and bursaries are provided through MADD as part of this charitable endeavor.