Is Bhadie Kelly A Candidate For Miss Togo 2023? The Committee Breaks The Silence And Makes Things Clear

Is Bhadie Kelly a candidate for Miss Togo 2023? The Committee breaks the silence and makes things clear.

A young woman of sudden fame, Bhadie Kelly, has many people wondering what is so special about her that will compete for the title of the national beauty pageant of her country.

In recent weeks, the TikTok queen has been steadily gaining the moral support of her fellow countrymen after all kinds of personal attacks.


According to a rumor circulating on the Internet, young girls living in the United States have chosen to come out of the shadows and participate in the contest on the eve of the election of Miss Togo with a specific objective.

After making these assumptions, the Miss Togo Committee looked into me through its Facebook page “Miss 288”.

Bhadie Kelly Facebook


The great and famous Togolese influencer Baddie Kelly, the same one who makes talk about her on the networks also intends to enter the race for the crown of the most beautiful Togolese girl.

Endowed with a beauty of the rarest, and a figure worthy of a woman, she could already captured the minds, souls and bodies of people around the world.

Next Miss Togo ? ����

We love it!

We vibrate!

We crack!


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