“‘You’re In the Wrong Place’ – Black Man Harassed By White Family For Walking In His Neighborhood (video)

A viral video shows a white man attacking a black man who was walking through his own neighborhood and asking him to leave the area because “he doesn’t belong here.”

The white man in question, Jonathan Pentland, is a sergeant first class in the U.S. Army, and he is currently trending on Twitter after the video went viral.

He has been accused of being a racist and has been reported by users to his boss.

In the video, Jonathan and his family are seen harassing and threatening a young black man, named Deandre, who explains that he was just walking around the Columbia, South Carolina neighborhood.


Jonathan asks the man to leave the neighborhood and implies that he will be violent if he does not.


Mr. Pentland can be heard in the video saying, “What are you doing here?”

He added, “You can leave or I’ll do it by force. “

The black man explained that he lived in the neighborhood but Jonathan and his family didn’t believe him and Jonathan told him, “You’re in the wrong neighborhood, you son of a bitch.”


At one point in the meeting, Deandre tells the family to call the police and Jonathan’s wife, Cassie Pentland, tells him that the police have already been called.


Jonathan claims in the video that he knows everyone in the community since he’s lived there for a long time and has never seen Deandre’s face. But public records show that he only bought the house 10 months ago.

Twitter, I’m told this super douche lives in The Summit in Columbia, South Carolina. If you recognize him, please DM me – I want to make sure the name I have is accurate before I blast it all over social media.

Image Source: Doingbuzz

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