Black Panther – Wakanda Forever” : Here Is The Identity Of The One Who Will Replace Chadwick Boseman

Black Panther Wakanda Forever Here Is The Identity Of The One Who Will Replace Chadwick Boseman

The Walt Disney Company and Marvel Studios have released the first trailer for Black Panther – Wakanda Forever and it reveals that Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa will be replaced by a female character taking on the mantle of Black Panther.


The trailer does not confirm which female character will replace T’Challa, as it only shows a female character in the Black Panther costume.


Although it does not confirm which character will take on the role of Black Panther, it strongly suggests that the character is Shuri.

The trailer for “Black Panther – Wakanda Forever” features a clip of Shuri in a flooded throne room that has also been set on fire. A voiceover of Angela Basset as Ramonda is heard saying, “Show them who we are.”

The next and final clip in the trailer shows the female Black Panther dropping to a snow covered ground. Multiple scoopers claimed last November that Letitia Wright’s Shuri would become the next Black Panther.


Grace Randolph noted on November 5 that Shuri would take over, writing, “I hear they are making a digital stand-in for Chadwick Boseman that looks very life-like…” She added: “The current plan is for T’Challa to die in battle at the beginning of the film and Shuri to become the new Black Panther. 

We’re waiting for it to be fully announced.