Bobrisky Before & After Body Transformation

Bobrisky Body Transformation

When speaking about free celebrities who have undergone controversial transformations over the years, there’s no other subject that is as interesting as Bobrisky before transformation.


In today’s article, we will be discussing Bobrisky before transformation and other details relating to Bobrisky before transformation. Here we go:

Bobrisky Before Transformation


Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju popularly referred Bobrisky has got a lot of people talking about his body transformation. Bobrisky was initially given birth to as a male that means having organs and features the same as the masculine gender.

Here are Bobrisky before transformation photos:

Bobrisky Body Transformation

After the release of Bobrisky before transformation photos. The public have questioned him severally about why he decided to change his gender to a female. This transformation meant that he had to spend money, time and resources to be under the knife to get organs and features similar to the the feminine gender.


In the defense to the Bobrisky before transformation photos that was released, he started that why he made the choice to transform himself into a female was that things were hard for him. To explain, he said that even with his certificate which he earned from the University of Lagos, life was hard to him in comparison to his female friends. As you can see from Bobrisky before transformation photos, he was really suffering and that motivated him to venture into cross dressing.