Buju – Something Sweet

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Multi-Talented Nigerian artist, Buju has Releases a new impressive tune titled “Something Sweet.”

This Song was taken from his first extended play [EP], “Sorry I’m Late“. The song was produced by Denzl.

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In the realm of music, certain tracks possess the power to transport listeners to a world of emotions and experiences. Buju’s “Something Sweet” is one such song that effortlessly captures the essence of love and romance. Through its soulful melodies, evocative lyrics, and vibrant energy, “Something Sweet” resonates with audiences, reminding us of the captivating beauty of love.

Buju’s Musical Journey

Buju, born Daniel Benson, is a Nigerian singer-songwriter who has emerged as a rising star in the afrobeats and afro-fusion genres. His unique voice, versatile style, and ability to infuse emotion into his music have quickly garnered attention in the music industry. Buju’s journey from being a university student to capturing the hearts of listeners showcases his dedication to his craft and his innate musical talent.

Exploring “Something Sweet”

“Something Sweet” is a track that exudes the warmth and enchantment of love. The song’s lyrics speak of the special feelings that arise when in the presence of a loved one. Buju’s silky vocals and emotive delivery weave a tale of romance, drawing listeners into the narrative of affection and desire.

Soulful Melodies and Evocative Lyrics

The heart of “Something Sweet” lies in its soulful melodies and evocative lyrics. The song’s gentle instrumentation, characterized by acoustic elements and understated percussion, creates an intimate musical landscape. Buju’s emotive vocal performance adds depth to the lyrics, allowing listeners to feel the emotions being conveyed. Lines like “You give me something sweet, something I can’t resist” evoke a sense of longing and yearning, resonating with anyone who has experienced the magic of love.

Universal Themes of Love

“Something Sweet” transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries with its universal theme of love. While the lyrics are primarily in English, the emotion behind the words is universally understood. Love is a sentiment that resonates with people across the world, and “Something Sweet” serves as a melodic reminder of the joy and tenderness that love brings.

Vibrant Energy and Catchy Chorus

The song’s vibrant energy and catchy chorus contribute to its infectious appeal. Buju’s delivery and the song’s rhythmic flow make it easy for listeners to sing along and get lost in the emotion of the music. The upbeat tempo mirrors the excitement and happiness that love can evoke.

Impact and Reception

“Something Sweet” has garnered widespread praise and admiration from fans and music enthusiasts. Its heartfelt depiction of love’s allure, combined with Buju’s emotive performance, has struck a chord with listeners who appreciate music that connects on an emotional level. The song’s popularity and impact have made it a standout track in Buju’s discography.


Buju’s “Something Sweet” is a testament to the power of music to encapsulate the beauty of love and romance. Through its soulful melodies, evocative lyrics, and vibrant energy, the song invites listeners to embrace the emotions that come with affection and desire. As audiences engage with the captivating charm of “Something Sweet,” they are reminded of the universal language of love that music conveys, enriching our lives with its emotive and timeless melodies.