Everybody who likes bulk beef jerky/beef jerky has the same complaint: Why is beef jerky priced so high? Although incredibly tasty and tempting, finding money in the bank for this kind of snack can occasionally take a lot of work because beef jerky is pricey. The reason behind its high price is that it takes a lot of high-quality meat to produce a small amount of jerky, and it requires a lot of resources and labour.

This article will tackle these topics:

Why Is Bulk Beef Jerky/ Beef Jerky Expensive?

As a result of its higher-quality ingredients and more involved production process than most snack foods, bulk beef jerky/beef jerky is more expensive. According to a straightforward cost comparison, it is, on average, over nine times more costly than comparable snack items. This startling number has more to it than more expensive ingredients. Let’s examine the reasons for the high cost of jerky online.

What are the Factors Increasing The Cost Of Bulk Beef Jerky/ Beef Jerky?

Compared to other snack items like potato chips, cheddar curls, cookies, and the like, beef jerky is more difficult. The cost puzzle has many elements, and the fact that each jerky is unique just adds to the intrigue. Think about the significant impact each of these factors can have on the price of beef jerky.

1. Ingredients

The cost of beef jerky is mostly down to the cost of the ingredients used in each recipe. Here are the following tips to consider while buying the ingredients.


Beef is substantially more expensive than the basic components of other common snacks. Additionally, variations in meat quality may raise the price of each unique jerky. Examples comprise:

  • For better jerky, thinner cuts of beef were preferred.
  • Beef reared on pasture and fed on grass offers more flavour.
  • More land is needed for humane cattle practices.

Flavours & Spices

The seasonings and flavours used to prepare the meat also affect the price. While some products may use extracts or powdered to add flavour, higher quality products typically use natural flavours and spices.

2. Preparation

Making beef jerky is more labour-intensive than making various mass-produced snack options. The outcome? An expensive snack.

The following procedures are used to make beef jerky:

  1. Hand slicing and fat trimming are done to the meat.
  2. Spices and meat are combined in a marinade to generate flavour.
  3. Meat strips are placed manually on a metal screen to achieve consistent frying.
  4. Cooking the strips are carefully warmed at low heat and constant humidity.
  5. The jerky is placed in airtight, dimly lit containers to maintain freshness.

3. High-Quality Components Increase The Price Of Beef Jerky

Because it is a more premium, nutrient-dense snack than most mass-produced items, bulk beef jerky/beef jerky tends to be more expensive. Generally speaking, it is quick to prepare,

high in protein, and low in fat.

Why Is Bulk Beef Jerky/Beef Jerky Considered Healthy?

Bulk beef jerky/beef jerky has several health advantages, including helping people lose weight. It is a great snack meal that is low in calories, packed with protein, and a decent source of minerals and vitamins like zinc, iron, choline, and vitamin B12 when eaten in proportion as part of a well-rounded diet. Beef jerky varieties vary widely.

High-quality ingredients, little processing, low sugar and sodium content, substantial protein content, and few to no preservatives are all required for a nutritious beef jerky. Many high-quality choices are available, so you don’t have to give up one of the following essential qualities.

  • superior ingredients
  • hardly ever processed
  • low in salt and sugar
  • protein-rich and without preservatives

How Do You Choose A Bulk Beef Jerky/Beef Jerky?

Pick A Low-Sodium Beef Jerky; Aim For 500 Mg Or Less Per Serving.

Jerky will always have salt. It serves as a natural preservative and a necessary nutrient. Additionally, salt is nature’s seasoning and enhances the jerky’s raw beef flavour. A salt concentration that is too high is unacceptable and needs to be avoided.  It’s preferable to prevent jerky in general if you have a special sensitivity to salt. Beef jerky provides lean protein and minerals for everyone else, but it especially benefits athletes. Just keep the serving size under 500mg.

Avoid Adding Sugar To Beef Jerky; Limit It To 3 Grammes Or Less Per Serving.

Recently, sugar has been under fire, and for good cause. Several health issues, including elevated blood pressure, inflammatory processes, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and a condition called fatty liver, are brought on by excessive sugar intake. Bulk Beef Jerky/ Beef jerky can have a surprisingly high amount of sugar. A few grammes of sugar provide jerky structure and a well-balanced flavour, but excessive sugar can overwhelm the meat and transform a serving into candy.

Grab Some High-Protein Jerky.

The lean source of protein from beef jerky’s good quality. It’s a complete protein packed with amino acids, not just any protein. The fundamental blocks of muscle and an ideal physique are these amino acids. Any jerky that contains at least 10g of meat protein in every serving should be avoided.

Low-Fat Jerky Should Be Used

The goal is to limit the amount of fat in each serving to 1.5 grammes. Beef jerky is made from lean beef cuts and often includes very little fat. It is still important to check the nutrition facts to make sure that each serving has no more than 2 or 3 grammes of fat.

Choose Quality Beef Sources

Obtain premium beef from a reputed producer while looking for a certain sort of beef, there are numerous possibilities available, and most beef is created with lean meat. Beef options include hormone-free, organic, and grass-fed beef. You can easily find a choice that suits your diet or way of life because everyone has various priorities and health objectives. The most important thing to search for is a reputable producer who prioritises the welfare of animals and sustainably produced meat.


Five main factors make bulk beef jerky/ beef jerky pricey: the cost of the raw meat, the high-quality ingredients, the non-automated manufacturing, the time and energy needed, and the dehydration procedure. In addition, jerky online may be costly for those who devour a bag in minutes.


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