Burna Boy challenges Shatta Wale to a one-on-one battle.

Shatta Wale, a Ghanaian rapper, has agreed to a one-on-one battle with Burna Boy, a Nigerian Grammy Award winner.
Shatta Wale has recently had a squabble with Nigerian singers. The Ghanaian rapper has mocked Nigerian musicians on his social media accounts, accusing them of not repaying the affection they receive from Ghana followers.


In a recent social media post, the Ghanaian superstar stated that he does not require the assistance of any Nigerian singer to promote him.

It is a tremendous disservice to future generations to push this narrative of division between our beautiful African nations, and it goes against all I stand for as a man and an unashamed pan Africanist.

“As a result, if Shatta or anyone else has a personal issue with me, I’m still willing to battle one-on-one and then squash it, just like I’ve always done.” Nobody will be able to derail the unity we are working so hard to achieve for a stronger and better Africa.” (sic)

“Oh @burnaboy says he wants a one on one,” Shatta Wale tweeted on Saturday in response to Burna Boy. Let’s get this Accra sports stadium started.

“All I do is call the shots.” Don’t come perform your song if you’re a male.

@burnaboy, I double dare you. In fact, I challenge you ten times over. This will not be a fight, but rather a lyrical performance. As if you’re going to quit singing! #lyricalchampion

“Don’t listen to anyone who tells you I want to use you for publicity because you know money has never been an issue for you since the first time I met you!” “Don’t forget about yourself too quickly!” (sic)



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