Burna Boy Crashes His $282,700 Ferrari

Nigerian music superstar and Grammy winner, Berner Boy, was recently involved in an accident with his Ferrari  in Lagos.



The singer confirmed his accident via Instastory on Sunday after several videos of the accident outside Overcomers Church at Graceland in Lekki, Lagos were posted online.


In his account, he explained that people were thrilled to see him, so instead of helping him, they took out their phones and gadgets to film him.

Burna wrote, “Yeah right. I had a bad accident with my Ferrari today. My leg is just a little sore but I’m fine. Funny how everyone brought their phones to film me instead of trying to help me. I guess they “I’m too excited to see me anyway, lol. But I love you all…”


Prices for the 2013 Ferrari 458 range from $217,800 for the base 458 Italia Coupe to $282,700 for the top-of-the-line 458 Spider Cabriolet.

The 2013 Ferrari 458 is available as a convertible and coupe.Ferrari’s fastest car – in production since 2009 – has always been the 458 Speciale (pictured), with a V8 engine delivering about 510 hp from its 6262cc twin turbocharger and its 7-speed F1+ transmission with manual override that was first seen on the special edition Enzo supercar from 2004-2005, and later the 488 GTB sports car launched in 2010.

But with this new model, Ferrari has added a more powerful version of the same basic design, so let’s see if it’s worth the extra money: the all-new Ferrari 458 Italia.



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