Burna Boy fires Shatta Wale, saying, “I Can Make Your Life A Living Hell.”

Burna Boy, a Grammy winner, has advocated for a physical fight with Shatta Wale, a Ghanaian artist, rather than a freestyle duel in Ghana.
Shatta Wale had previously challenged Burna Boy to a freestyle combat in a Ghanaian stadium, according to Detectmind News.

Burna Boy, on the other hand, declared in an Instagram post that he wants a fist fight like the kind that genuine guys would engage in.


He went on to say that he could make the Ghanian singer’s life a living nightmare anywhere outside of Ghana because he has more money than all of his godfathers put together.

“This guy thinks I have time,” Burna Boy wrote on his Instagram account. “This ain’t 8mile no be rap battle, it’s a fist battle the type real men do.”

We can do it behind closed doors or in front of a large crowd in the stadium. Stop pretending as if you’re unaware that I’ve been working on this since January of last year.

Consider this a convenient way out for you, for I could easily make your life a living hell anywhere outside of Ghana. You should realize that I am wealthier than all of your godfathers together. [sic]”

Shatta Wale has recently had a squabble with Nigerian singers. The Ghanaian rapper has mocked Nigerian musicians on his social media accounts, accusing them of not repaying the affection they receive from Ghana followers.

In a recent social media post, the Ghanaian superstar stated that he does not require the assistance of any Nigerian singer to promote him.


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