Burna Boy Is Under Criminal Investigation In Nigeria

Nigerian music star Burna Boy is in a serious situation. For a few days, the artist has been involved in a story of attempted murder in a nightclub in Lagos.

The guard in charge of Burna Boy’s security is accused of shooting two people. According to the facts that occurred on Wednesday, June 08, the singer would have courted a lady during his passage in the VIP section of Club Cubana.


However, the latter was married and this did not please the husband and his friends who followed the scene. Following this sequence, an argument broke out between the two men. According to witnesses, it was at this moment that one of the guards fired in the direction of the woman’s husband and his friends. One of the victims was wounded in the thigh and the other in the head.

When the police arrived, the members of his bodyguard were arrested while the artist was nowhere to be found. According to rumors, Burna boy was flying to Spain to give a concert. A relative of the victim demanded justice for his brother following the alleged murder attempt. He said that Burna Boy was laughing when this shooting happened. According to him, the singer would have approved what his guards did.

However, the Nigerian police are conducting a thorough investigation into the case. The icon is reportedly currently wanted for detailed investigation purposes. Recently in a post on his twitter account, the artist Burna Boy comes out of his silence and expresses his recklessness towards the accusations.

He said:

“Nigerian social media can say that BURNA BOY started Boko haram, and no, it doesn’t shock me”.



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