Busting the Common Misconceptions About Mutton

Mutton is one of the most popular meats  among people of every age group. They prefer mutton over other meat for its delicious taste. While globally, older sheep meat is known as mutton, and lamb is called sheep meat under the age of one, Indian kitchens use goat meat as mutton. Various restaurants in India offer good Indian goat meat as mutton. In this blog, we will delve deeper into myths about mutton and why people  opt for mutton delivery.

Common Myths About Mutton

Mutton is the Same as Lamb

In the global realm, sheep meat is commonly known as mutton and lamb based on age. The sheep’s age plays a vital role in the taste and texture of the meat. For lamb meat, the sheep are younger – typically less than a year old. On the other hand, the meat from older sheep, especially those over two years old, are considered mutton.

However, it is essential to understand that the Indian household kitchen doesn’t eat sheep. They instead eat goat meat, which we call mutton, and is one of the most demanded types of meat. The selection of mutton is a personal choice. One can opt for younger goat meat, while the other can opt for older goat meat. That’s where mutton delivery comes as a solution. One can order based on their preferences, such as fresh meat and hassle-free delivery.

Mutton is Tough

Mutton can be tough compared to chicken, but cooking methods play a crucial role. Usually, mutton is obtained from goats over a year old, so they build muscle fiber. However, proper preparation can help transform the meat into a delicate and delicious dish. One should marinate the meat before cooking, as it breaks down the muscle fiber.

Moreover, mutton demands slow cooking. This encourages the collagen present in the mutton to dissolve, resulting in a delicious dish. However, the tenderness of mutton depends on things like age, diet, breed, and surroundings. One can opt for mutton online Ernakulam to satisfy their cravings.

Mutton is Unhealthy

Goat meat has been a staple in the Indian kitchen for years. However, people have mistakenly labeled it an unhealthy option. Almost all non-vegetarian people opt for mutton due to its rich taste. What many people don’t know is that goat meat is healthier than chicken, as it is high in protein and iron and is very low in fat. Additionally, some studies even suggest that eating goat meat can lower the risk of diseases like obesity and improve cholesterol levels.

Mutton is Difficult to Cook

No doubt cooking mutton requires more attention compared to other meats, but it doesn’t mean that it is a challenging task. Cooking time can vary based on the recipe, but one can cook mutton under 60 minutes with the appropriate technique. Using a slow cooker, pressuring the cooker, and marinating the mutton offers better results. Moreover, here are some famous mutton recipes you can confidently experiment with at home without facing any challenges.

  • Mutton curry
  • Mutton dhansak
  • Mutton tikka masala
  • Mutton fried rice
  • Mutton Biryani

Mutton Is Expensive

This is not true, as mutton can be enjoyed on an economical budget without compromising freshness. Some cuts, such as shoulder and neck filets, come on a midweek budget. Moreover, one can explore the various cuts like curry cut, boneless curry cut, and so on through online delivery platforms.

Mutton Has Strong Odor

Usually, the odor is related to the freshness and handling capability. However, high-quality, fresh, and adequately maintained mutton has no strong odor. While buying mutton online Ernakulam, one must choose a reputable source with proper meat storage and fresh mutton. This ensures a pleasant dining experience, including the overall flavor of mutton.

Muton Is Only Suitable for Traditional Dishes

Mutton has been widely used in Indian households as curry and stew. However, this is not limited to traditional dishes, and restaurants have also been serving  the robust flavors of mutton in a variety of dishes: kebabs, steaks and grills, , roasts, curries and fries. .

Why Should One Buy Mutton Online?

In the past few years, online selling has become a trend, and the meat industry is  no exception. Online delivery services provide fresh meat at your doorstep, at your convenience, hassle-free. Moreover, they ensure the packaging is good to preserve the mutton’s freshness and quality.

Concluding Remarks

There have been several misconceptions about mutton among people. However, these misconceptions occur due to the lack of awareness of mutton. Contrary to popular  belief that mutton is unhealthy, it is  a rich source of protein and iron, with lower fat content than other red meats and chicken. By  opting for online mutton delivery, you can get your favorite mutton cuts and ready to cook dishes, delivered to your home with a few taps on your phone.