Cardi B Parents: Meet Cardi B Mom & Dad

Cardi B is often refered to as arguably one of the biggest female rappers for the past decade. Yes, many as you would imagine would argue with this point.


However, that is not our topic for discussion. Today, we would be looking into a more private life of the rapper. Thus article for today would be discussing about Cardi B ‘s family especially her parents. I hope you have a good read.

Cardi B Profile

Real Name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar
Gender Female
Profession Dominican rapper
Nationality American
Date of Birth October 11, 1992
Age 30 yrs old @2022
Mother Clara Almánzar
Father Carlos Alman


Cardi B Parents

The well-known rapper was born in Highbridge, a neighborhood in the South Bronx of New York City with a majority Latino population.Clara Almánzar is Cardi B’s mother, and Carlos Almanzar is her father.

Carlos, the rapper’s father, was born in Dominica but moved to the United States in 1990.He used to be a taxi driver, but now he’s retired.On the other hand, Cardi B’s mother was born in Trinidad and Tobago and used to work as a cashier at a supermarket.

The father of Cardi B is Dominican. Dominicans are mostly indigenous Hispanics who live in the Dominican Republic.A mixture of white and black ethnicities makes up about 80% of Dominicans.

Trinidad and Tobago is where the rapper’s mother is from.The majority of people from this nation are black, while some are white and East Indian.”Really good parents who had regular, poor jobs,” the rapper says of her parents.She says that her upbringing was good because of her parents, and that if it weren’t for them, she would have been beaten, killed, or a teen mom.

Cardi B Siblings

Hennessy Carolina is one of the famous rapper’s full siblings. She will be 26 years old in 2022 because she was born on December 22, 1995. Hennessy later enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology after attending Renaissance High School for Musical Theater & Technology.

Carolina, like her older sister, is extremely well-liked and has a large following across a variety of social media platforms.

She posts frequently about makeup and modeling. Cardi B has six half-siblings from her father’s first marriage, in addition to her full sister Carolina.The rapper mentioned her love for her half-siblings when discussing the extended family, revealing that they make the family feel more complete.

There are two half-sisters and four half-brothers among the half-siblings.Nicauly Villalona and Maciel Almanzar are the names of the sisters, and Fernando Almanzar is the name of one of the brothers.

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