Carlos Correa Mother: Meet Sandybel Oppenheimer

Carlos Correa Mother Meet Sandybel Oppenheimer

Who Is Carlos Correa?

Carlos is an athletic celebrity who sue to his hitting prowess, was chosen to play at first base, and throughout their free time, his father continued to train him. The family’s home sustained significant damage in 1998 from Hurricane Georges. This made his father work a variety of odd jobs.

Carlos Correa Mother Meet Sandybel Oppenheimer

Carlos Correa and his wife

Despite being the most prominent young player selected in the 2012 Major League Baseball draft, Correa, then 17 years old, was already expected to be selected in the top ten by numerous authoritative publications, including Sports Illustrated and ESPN, in the months prior to the event.

Who is Carlos Correa Mother? Sandybel Oppenheimer

Carlos Correa’s mother is known as Sandybel Oppenheimer and his father’s name is Carlos Correa Sr. His father’s name suggests that he named Carlos after himself.

Carlos Correa is known to be a Puerto Rican, and also his mother’s surname suggests that she is German so he might have a bit of German in him.


Correa represented Puerto Rico in the 2017 World Baseball Classic. Correa batted third for Puerto Rico, while Francisco Lindor played shortstop and Javier Baez batted second.

Correa batted.333 throughout the competition, with three home runs, nine RBIs, ten runs scored, two stolen bases, and a home run in the semifinals. Following the competition, he was named to the 2017 All-World Baseball Classic team.