Celine Dion is Sick: After Hearing This Terrible News, The Singer Woke Up from her silence

Céline Dion rarely gives news to her fans these days. And for good reason, the singer is sick. Her health is worrying.


Those who had initially planned to go back on stage as soon as possible, finally need to rest. However, on Tuesday 21 December, she broke her silence and paid tribute to a missing artist.



On Sunday 19 December 2021, after the death of the 53-year-old singer of the group II Divo, Carlos Marin (Carlos Marin), Céline Dion, after recovering from her child, wrote precisely a few words.


The Quebec singer was deeply touched by this terrible news and paid tribute to him and to another deceased artist, Renée Martel.

Celine Dion broke her silence and paid tribute to a missing artist

 Last week, we unfortunately lost two great artists… On Saturday, Renée Martel, Queen of the country of Quebec, left us. Mrs Martel, all your works will be passed on from generation to generation. Yesterday we lost members of the Il Divo Carlos Marin Group (Carlos Marin).


In other words, Céline Dion collaborated with artists and the group Il Divo, notably for the title “I Believe in You”. Céline Dion will never forget the memory


Your talent and passion for performing are incredible. It is a real honour to work with you. I express my deepest condolences to your loved ones. Rest in peace, you will not be forgotten.


When is the next Celine Dion concert? It’s hard to say now. The star has serious health problems and is planning to stay in shape before returning to the stage.



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  1. I would wish to know what’s ailing Celine Dion. I can provide some useful advice. I love her music and I can’t imagine her going off stage this soon.

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