Chantal Mato Biography, Age, Nationality, Family Life, Career Path and Net Worth

Chantal Mato is the wife of Héctor Herrera, who in turn is a Mexican professional footballer who has gathered many adorning fans throughout his career, joining various prominent clubs. With huge levels of fame comes a heightened interest in celebrities’ personal lives, and Héctor is no different.

Profile Summary

Full Name/Popular Name Chantal Mato/Shantal Mato
Gender Female
Date of Birth 15 November 1990
Nationality American
Occupation Businesswoman, Entrepreneur and Social media influencer
Spouse Héctor Herrera, Mexican professional footballer

 Early Life of Chantal Mato

Not much is known about Chantal Mato, outside the fact that she was born on 15th day of November 1990, and she is the wife of Héctor Herrera who have since shyed away from the spotlight, keeping to herself besides posting on her social media. This limits what we know about Chantal Mato’s biography, but we could still gather some information. Although the celebrity wife is not often in the direct limelight, she does have a significant following on social media, specifically Instagram.

Chantal Mato Biography Age Nationality Family Life Career Path And Net Worth
Chantal Mato

Career Path of Chantal Mato


Not much is known about her professional life either, as her career path have not publicly been discussed yet. But all we gathered was that she is an Entrepreneur/Businesswoman. She also seems to be somewhat of a Social Media Influencer, with some casual online modelling on the side.

Chantal Mato’s Net Worth

Since we know so little about her professional life, we also do not have any valid confirmation of her exact net worth, but there has been a record that she is estimated to be about $600,000, while her husband, Héctor Herrera’s net worth on the other hand, is estimated to be about $5 million per season. In comparison, Héctor Herrera’s salary at Atlético de Madrid, one of his previous clubs, was £52 000 per week and £2 704 000 per year.


Chantal Mato’s Instagram handle is @shanmayo, with over 116 thousand followers. She does not seem to have any other social media accounts. Chantal Mato may not be the major public figure her husband is, but she is making a major name for herself on her own accord through her growing fanbase on social media.


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