Choose the Ideal Math Tutor at Juni Learning

While math anxiety among kids is real, it is often exacerbated by the panic and angst of parents. It greatly affects the kids’ morale, and their anxiety may soon turn into a deep resentment toward the subject. But what if we told you that there may be nothing wrong with your child?

Yes. If young learners have a problem with math, it’s more likely due to how they have been taught math. Lack of solid fundamentals results in compounding the problem in later years when the kids enter high school. Choosing Certbolt a good math tutor is thus critical to set them on a solid footing in the initial years.

Juni Learning is an advanced online learning platform offering a personalized learning experience for children aged between 8 and 18 years. The platform offers a plethora of math courses to suit every student’s needs. They help students gain a mastery of the fundamentals, kindle their curiosity, challenge their abilities, and make them fall in love with math.

Here are five great reasons why you can trust Juni Learning to provide your kids with the best online math tutoring experience.

#1: Expert Tutors

Juni instructors are students and alumni of the top US universities with a passion for math. They are not the typical run-of-the-mill teachers. Our instructors have advanced degrees in mathematics or computer science. They are great mentors and role models who strive to inspire the kids to blossom to their full potential. Unlike traditional classroom learning, this mentorship encourages students to think, question, and learn from their mistakes. They have no peer pressure and get to learn at their own pace with a friendly instructor by their side.

Juni’s in-person math classes are taught by specialist instructors who are well-trained in the math curriculum designed by subject matter experts. A combination of top-notch instructors and a rigorous proprietary curriculum offers a deeply enriching learning experience for all types of students.

#2: Personalized Learning

Students who are weak in math face an uphill struggle to learn effectively in a traditional classroom setting. They do not find this learning environment conducive to their special needs. It is often reflected in their poor test scores and sinking confidence levels.

Juni Learning addresses this problem by offering 1:1 classes for kids to adopt a comfortable learning pace. Not every student is the same; some require individual attention to cater to their specific requirements. The Juni platform provides instructors with precise data to adjust the pacing, append the curriculum, and effectively bridge the learning gaps in their students. The highly experienced instructors can offer fast and effective feedback to fully support the kids.

One-on-one tutoring not only helps kids learn math. It eliminates math fear, enhances proficiency in the subject, and paves the way to attaining complete mastery over a period of time.

#3: Robust Curriculum

The curriculum is an integral part of any coursework. They provide a proper knowledge framework and enable teachers to set effective student learning goals. These goals are then transformed into measurable standards to assess student performance. The math curriculum at Juni Learning is based on common core standards and focuses on discovery-based learning.

The students discover fascinating insights and apply them hands-on in project work. Forget the fear; the kids fall in love with math and have fun being challenged by problems. But fun does not mean any compromise in the quality of learning. All the courses match the high rigor of state standards to enhance your child’s study skills and academic performance.

The Juni math coursework perfectly complements a student’s schoolwork. Checkpoints and notes are provided to parents for every session to support the learner at every stage. The course includes thousands of real-world practice problems and projects designed by industry experts. The innovative curriculum helps students assimilate math concepts and discourages rote learning.

#4: Flexibility & Convenience

One of the greatest benefits of online tutoring sessions is the flexibility and convenience offered by this learning mode. Students are saved from the ordeal of traveling long distances at unearthly hours to attend physical coaching classes. The kids no longer have to miss or curtail their playtime to squeeze in extra study time.

The online tutoring sessions at Juni are 50 minutes long, and students can join from anywhere in the world. The 1:1 classes can be scheduled for a time and frequency of your choice. The classes can be rescheduled in case of any change in your plans later. Though kids are enrolled for the course level that matches their grade level in school, you can also choose specific topics based on your needs.

The Juni math courses can suit a wide variety of requirements. They can be used to grasp hard math concepts, catch up with lost class time, or even miss a regular class in school. Our expert math tutors can modify their style of teaching to suit the student’s learning style. Students, parents, and instructors can work together to add or skip study modules based on actual needs. Optional homework can be taken up every week to reinforce the child’s learning process.

#5: Value for Money

You are wrong if you ever thought that quality and convenience carry a hefty price tag. Juni classes offer these and much more at highly affordable prices to fit your budget. The education is best-in-class, and the pricing is economical. When you sign up with Juni, you get the same benefits as hiring a private tutor at a fraction of the cost.

Based on their learning goals, students can take up either the Juni curriculum path or the tutoring path. The curriculum courses usually span 6 to 9 months, and the tutoring courses can be used for as long as required. The billing is done monthly, and you can cancel the services anytime. You can rejoin later based on your situation.

Apart from math courses, Juni Learning offers coding classes in Scratch and Python for young learners. College students can enroll in advanced courses in Java, Javascript, and HTML/CSS. Gaining expertise in math and coding can open up lucrative options for your child in STEM-based careers later. Juni also offers on-demand ACT test prep courses to prepare students for college admissions.

On a Closing Note!

Signing up for a Juni math course can be the best decision to accelerate your child’s learning journey. Academic score improvements are par for the course. Don’t be surprised if your math-phobic kid transforms into a geek who can never get tired of math. The key to unlocking your child’s hidden potential lies with you (and the passionate mentors you shall discover at Juni!)