Who is Adalynn Rose Daughtry

Adalynn Rose Daughtry is popularly known as the daughter of Chris Daughtry, a famous American singer, actor and songwriter. Chris Daughtry is popularly known for his songs like Broken, Innuendo, Wanted Dead or Alive and several others. Adalynn Rose Daughtry has her profession because she is just 12 years old as of 2022. Instead, she is famous for being the daughter of Chris Daughtry.

Hannah, Adalynn Rose’s sister, was found dead at her home in Nashville. Hannah was 25 years old when she died. Hannah Price was found dead at her Nashville home, with no official cause of death known at this time. Moreover, Hannah Price died at 25, and her family is awaiting autopsy reports to determine the reason for her injuries that resulted in her death, despite suspicions that she committed suicide.

Mini Bio on Adalynn Rose Daughtry

Adalynn Rose Daughtry was born in the United States of America in McLinsville, North Carolina, on November 17, 2010. According to her birthday, her zodiac sign is Leo. The name of Adalynn’s father is Christopher Adam Daughtry, and her mother’s name is Deanna Dautry.

Adalynn also has a twin brother named James Daughtery, who is younger than Adalynn. Likewise, Adalynn has a stepsister called Hannah Price and a stepbrother named Griffin Price. The name of Adalynn’s grandparents is Sandra Daughtry and Pete Daughtry.

Adalynn Rose Daughtry holds the American nationality and belongs to the white ethnic background.

Who is the Father of Adalynn Rose Daughtry?

Chris Daughtry is the father of Adalynn Rose. He is the character who starred as Judas Iscariot in the Biblical version of “The Passion.”

Chris Daughtry started singing when he was 16 years while a school student at Fluvanna County High School. He was one of the contestants on the fifth season of American Idol, and after placing fourth, he formed a band named Daughtry.

Some of Chris Daughtry’s band’s songs include Over You, Home, Undefeated, Crashed, Deep End, Life After You, Heavy Is the Crown, September, and others. Chris Daughtry was the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the “Daughtry” rock band, and he is officially called Christopher Adam Daughtry.

Chris Daughtry’s band won several great accolades due to their massive performances, won the American Music Award for Favorite Pop Album on four occasions in different categories, and is a one-time People Choice Award winner.

Chris is one of the most successful rock and roll singers of the 21st century to have all his four albums reaching the Top Ten on the Billboard 200.

Throughout his successful career, Daughtry has collaborated with a wide range of artists like Slash, Sevendust, Theory of a Deadman, Chad Kroeger, and Brad Arnold. Chris Daughtry appeared in the 100th episode of CSI: New York and played the role of Judas Iscariot in the live Bible version of The Passion.

What happened to Adalynn Rose Daughtry’s sister?

Hannah, Adalynn’s sister, was discovered dead at her Nashville home. She died when she was 25 years old. She was on narcotics when she committed suicide. Her relatives stated:

“a generous and loving individual who yearned for more for herself and others.” “Those of us who love her will never forget her,” says the author. “We respectfully request your ongoing privacy as we grieve.”

Is Adalynn Rose Daughtry Single?

Adalynn is currently without a partner. Adalynn, on the other hand, is not in a relationship and is not married at the time. She is a child who does not understand the meaning of love and marital vows.

Adalynn, too, is at the age where she enjoys playing with her friends and family. After she has reached the age of comprehending love, though. Adalynn may form a relationship with the person she loves and wishes to spend the rest of her life with.

How tall is Adalynn Rose Daughtry?

Adalyn is approximately 4 feet tall. Her body weight is estimated to be around 25kg, based on her height. Similarly, she has enticing gray eyes and gorgeous long curly brown hair.

Chris Daughtry’s Work History

  • Father of Adalynn Chris is a professional singer, musician, and actor from the United States.
  • Chris began his singing career as a lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist in Cadence, his high school band.
  • Uprooted, his band’s album, was published in 2005.
  • Chris was also a contestant on America’s favorite reality show, American Idol.
  • On May 10, 2006, he was eliminated in the final four.
  • Chris sang The Past on Sevendust’s album Chapter VII: Hope & Sorrow in 2008.
  • Chris sang By the Way on Theory of a Deadman’s Scars and Souvenirs CD, just like Wsie.


Chris Daughtry, Adalynn’s father, is expected to be worth around $8 million in 2022. His career as an American singer, musician, and actor allowed him to earn this substantial sum. An American actor earns an average of almost $40,860 per year, according to an internet source. His long-term career must be paying him the same amount.

Chris seemed to be content with the earnings from his professional career. With his hard work and determination, he will soon be valued even more than he is now. Chris hasn’t ceased singing, to be sure. After Chris Daughtry’s family suffered a terrible loss, he canceled the tour, which included gigs at the Factory.


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