Clyde Jay Jennings Biography, Age, Nationality, Family Life, Career Path and Personality

Clyde Jay Jennings Biography Age Nationality Family Life Career Path And Personality

Clyde Jay Jennings is Martha Mitchell’s only son who have not appeared on the internet or media outlets for a long-time now. He is believed to be in his mid-70s as of the moment.

Profile Summary

Full Name Clyde Jay Jennings
Gender Male
Year of Birth 1947
Nationality American
Parents Father – Clyde Jennings

Mother – Martha Mitchell

Famous as only son of Martha Mitchell

Clyde Jay Jennings Early Life

Martha Mitchell’s only son is Clyde Jay Jennings. Clyde was born during his mother’s second marriage to Clyde Jennings, Jr. They married on October 5, 1946, in Pine Bluff and moved to Rye, New York.

Clyde Jay Jennings Biography Age Nationality Family Life Career Path And Personality

Clyde Jay Jennings on his wedding day decades ago

Clyde Jay Jennings’s actual age is 75 years old, he was born in the year 1947. Similarly, he celebrates his birthday on November 2 every year. He is showered with wishes and blessings by his family and friends on his birthday every year.

According to his actual date of birth, Jay has acquired Scorpio as his zodiac sign. Making predictions about his personality based on his zodiac sign, people with Scorpio as their zodiac sign tend to be discreet and even secretive, with an air of mystery around them.

Jay’s father Clyde was a US Army officer from Lynchburg, Virginia. He took a job as a traveling handbag salesman after he was discharged from the military.

Who Is Clyde Jay Jennings Mother?

Martha Mitchell was the wife of US Attorney General John N. Mitchell, who served under President Richard Nixon. With her outspoken views criticizing the government during the Watergate crisis, she became a divisive figure.

Martha Mitchell enjoyed singing as a child, especially as a member of her church choir. Her mother wished for her to pursue a career as an opera singer. She studied singing as a youngster all around the nation and piano at Northwestern.

Jay’s Career Path

Jay worked as a GAO investigator in Washington during the 1980s according to Washington Post. However, much about his personal life has not come to the surface yet.


Clyde Jay Jennings today might be living his retired life. However, he has not appeared on news outlets or the internet recently.

In fact, Jay made his public appearance decades ago and has been laying low-key ever since. He might be around Washington living a healthy and happy life with his family or his loved ones.