CS: GO – tips for beginners the learning curve in CS: Go

CS: GO is a competitive first-person shooting game. Although it was released a decade ago, it is still played by millions of players from around the globe. For beginners, the learning curve in CS: GO is steep, but they can use cs 2 hack to improve their skills and become better CS: GO players.

1.  Practice, Practice, and Practice

CS: GO is a skill-based game, and like any similar game, you have to practice to improve your skills. Increase your shooting accuracy and reaction time by playing matches on all your favorite maps. Separate aim trainers are available to help you better up your aim.

2.  Customize the Settings

Change CS: GO settings to match your playstyle. While practicing, change the crosshair style and the sensitivity settings to find out which settings are good for you and use them in the future. Some players use low-sensitivity settings, while others use high settings.

3.  Weapon Mastery

A wide range of weapons are available in CS: GO, and each weapon has its own characteristics. The M4A4 and the AK-47 are the two best weapons in the game. They are assault rifles, and you should practice with them. Learn the recoil patterns of different weapons in practice modes for landing accurate shots.

4.  Crosshair Placement

For success in CS: GO, you need proper crosshair placement. Try to aim the crosshair at head level and aim where the enemies will appear. You can land headshots as you don’t have to move the crosshair that much.

5.   Map Knowledge

Instead of sticking to just one map, play matches on all the maps in CS: GO. This way, you can be familiar with all the secret hiding spots in those maps and use them to your advantage. The best thing is that you can even explore maps without connecting to the internet.

6.   Manage money

There is a virtual currency in CS: GO that you can use to purchase equipment and weapons. You earn this money by killing enemies and winning rounds. Communicate with your team and help your teammates in getting what they want if you have extra money. Also, make sure to purchase the right weapons to support your team.  So trade csgo skins if you need money.

7.  Recoil Control

CS: GO features realistic recoil for weapons, and the recoil pattern of each weapon is different according to its firing rate and round type. To become the master, you need to learn the recoil control of your favorite weapon so you can shoot at the right spot to kill an enemy. Train in different maps to improve your shooting, irrespective of the recoil of the weapon. The recoil is the worst for automatic rifles, while snipers have the least recoil.

8.  Play as a Team

You can also play CS: GO as a solo, even in a team, but to get the most out of it, team playing is the best. Coordinate with your teammates and pick your targets accordingly. Share your strategy with them and play according to the strategy.