Cute Abiola Rank In Navy

Cute Abiola , is often known for his comedy skits and also for his acting skills in the Nollywood industry.


Many would cause a debate if you told them Cute Abiola ‘Ankara Gucci’ is associated with any force in Nigeria. Cute Abiola is a naval officer. The question then pops : What is Cute Abiola rank in navy?. Hold your thoughts! Before we answer that question, let’s see a little biography of him.

Who Is Cute Abiola


Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin famously known as Cute Abiola is a Nigerian entertainer, Naval Officer, entertainer and cinematographer. He is well known for assuming the part of Lawyer Kunle in his comic plays. Cute Abiola was brought into the world on April 28th,1996 in Ilorin Kwara State.

Cute Abiola began his profession as a comedian at an extremely young age. While he was in primary school, he performed on school stage. However , Cute abiola rank in navy is one which is often misconcepted with other rank in the Navy. Moreover, we will get into that part in the latter part of the article.

In 2015, he began making comedy plays and posting them on his Instagram and other entertainment pages.

He came to the spotlight after he made a video supporting television star Bisola in the 2015, Big Brother reality television show.

Cute Abiola Rank In Navy

Cute Abiola is well known for assuming the part of Lawyer Kunle in his comedy productions. He has worked closely with fellow famous Nigerian humorists like Officer Woos, Ade Herself, Nasty Blaq, Sydney Talker, Taaooma and host of others.

He is also a Naval Officer. Cute abiola rank in navy is a job of an ordinary seaman. The job of an ordinary seaman is to be an apprentice to the able seaman who has been there for years. Cute abiola rank rank in navy is to gain specific amount of experience from the able seaman, and this is referred to as ‘sea time’.

The comedian is in a committed relationship. As per him, there’s a probability that he’ll be married soon. As the lone offspring of his mom, he will be beginning his own family as his mum needs him to settle down on time.

Cute Abiola was arrested for wearing a military uniform to celebrate his birthday via web-based entertainment. The 24 years of age comic was supposedly arrested on Wednesday, April 29, 2020, in Lagos.

Now you know, Cute Abiola rank in Navy. Although the comic actor is a comedian, one should not undermine his rank in the Nigerian Navy.


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