CZN Burak Biography, Age, Nationality, Family, Health Complications, Career Choices and Net Worth

CZN Burak is a Turkish chef who has become a huge internet sensation because of his smiling face and unique presentation of his cooking skills. He is known for constantly sporting a big smile when cooking or while he chops away at ingredients.

Profile Summary

Full Name/Nickname Burak Özdemir/CZN Burak
Date of Birth March 24, 1994
Nationality Turkish
Occupation Turkish chef and restaurateur
Health Issue Rumoured Brain Tumour but never confirmed.
Net Worth $3 million

Who is CZN Burak?

Burak Özdemir who was born on March 24, 1994, is popularly known as CZN Burak, is a Turkish chef and restaurateur. CZN, Özdemir’s nickname, originates from a frequent mispronunciation of the Cinzano, the name of his father’s textile shop in Laleli.

Professional Life of CZN Burak


Burak owns the Hatay Civilizations Table (Turkish: Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrası) chain of restaurants, which consists of five branches: Taksim, Aksaray, Etiler and overseas branches in Dubai and Tajikistan and Doha (2022)

Health Complications of CZN Burak

In May 2022, “Pray for Burak” posts were circulated on social media as Burak was rumoured to have been suffering from a brain tumour. Ozdemir Burak revealed it himself on Instagram on Sunday, where he took to his photo-sharing app, Burak shared a picture of himself sitting on a hospital bed in a blue surgical gown and a head cap. Sharing the photo, he wrote, “Only a small check-up love is the greatest bond.” This has left his fans worried who jumped into the comments section and wished for the chef’s speedy recovery and good health.

Czn Burak Biography Age Nationality Family Health Complications Career Choices And Net Worth
Czn Burak on his hospital bed – May, 2022

Days after sharing his picture from hospital, Burak took to his Instagram and thanked all his well-wishers. “Hello everyone thanks you for all your wishes everything is okay glad to have you all and love is the biggest bond,” he wrote alongside his photo on his Insta handle.

CZN Burak Net Worth

Czn Burak earns a good income from his restaurant business. He also makes money from his Youtube videos. At present, he is living a lavish lifestyle in Turkey. His net worth is estimated to be about $3million.

Czn Burak Biography Age Nationality Family Health Complications Career Choices And Net Worth
CN Burak smiling away as he gets down to the business of cooking.


CZN Burak’s preparation and presentation of his Turkish recipes while almost always smiling to the camera have made Özdemir an Internet celebrity on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. And of a truth, this young man is good at what he does, as he keeps fans and viewers captivated either on his stunning smile or his prowess in the kitchen.


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