Dancing With The Stars: The New Jury Of The Show Bilal Hassani Reveals Suffering From ‘Anxiety Disorders

Dancing With The Stars: The New Jury Of The Show Bilal Hassani Reveals Suffering From ‘Anxiety Disorders.

Future DALS jury member Bial Hassassin is suffering from an anxiety disorder after users shared inappropriate comments on Twitter about his hit song “Transfer Trottinette”.

In 2021, during Dancing with the Stars, Bilal Hassani puts everyone in agreement. The young singer and his partner Jordan Mouillerac want to deliver a strong message every week. We can’t forget his brilliant performance in “Courage to change” by Sia, which won the applause of the entire jury.

Making room for fresh blood


Dancing With The Stars The New Jury Of The Show Bilal Hassani Reveals Suffering From Anxiety Disorders

If Bilal Hassani is not the winner of the 11th Dancing with the Stars, a whole new challenge awaits him next season. In a few weeks, someone very close to Lena’s situation will return to Studio 217, but this time under a new identity.

Indeed, for the new season of DALS, Bilal Hassani will be part of the jury. Denitsa Ikonomova and Jean-Paul Gaultier will no longer compete at the expense of two recruits.

He will represent the new generation. Chris Marques was the first to tell us about it. Because with Bilar, the young public will have a judge they can identify with. He is a contestant who gave us an extraordinary show week after week last year. He knows the gears and the little traps that can be found in this kind of race.

Frédéric Pedraza, deputy director of TF1 Production

Bilar, at the end of the phone

Bilal’s official appearance on the DALS jury coincides with the release of his new single, Transfert Trottinette, of which an excerpt of the video was posted on his Twitter account. We found his best friends there and they danced happily with him.

Unfortunately, one Internet user saw fit to criticize the new song of the singer. “It was my friends who learned the lyrics and pretended to like my voice,” he said? This was the straw that broke the camel’s back, except for Bilal Hasani, who immediately reacted.

“Just kidding, the people who tweeted like that didn’t realize that it put me in a huge panic and ruined my mood all night. Try to think about people’s sanity, it’s been 4 years since anyone fucked me, please stop.” the young singer was indignant.

Fortunately, many Internet users are aware of Bilal Hassani’s vulnerability and defend him.


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