9 Too Funny Dark Humor Jokes

There’s always one friend with the darkest sense of humor in the bunch. They can deliver some funny jokes, but you never know when they’re going to go too far, which is half the fun of it anyhow.

Why not partake in some more twisted humor to tickle the twisted side of our nature? We’re knee-deep in memes about the epidemic, quarantine, and virtually certain global financial calamity, so why not indulge in some more messed-up humor to tickle the twisted side of our nature?


We’ve compiled a list of famous black humor memes for your enjoyment; please let us know if these are too mild for your tastes.

#1 Welp! Ain’t this great?

#2 Gotta remember when

#3 Sympathy for the dogs


#4 It’s better not to find out

#5 Labels are misleading

#6 It’s better than lava floor, right?

#7 Ohh, the phrase good

#8 Yeah, they don’t

#9 Nana, please welcome them


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