David Wayne DePape Biography, Age, Occupation and Court Case

David DePape was an American blogger and activist who, was famous for breaking into the home of Democratic politician Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco with intent to harm her, and attacked her husband Paul with a hammer before being arrested.

Profile Summary on David Wayne DePape

Name David Wayne DePape
Date of Birth 1980
Occupation American Blogger and Activist
Nationality American
Gender Male
Age 42 years
Twin Sister Joanne Robinson
Famous for Hate speech and conspiracies

Who is David Wayne DePape?

David Wayne DePape was born in British Columbia, Canada in 1980, and he later moved to Berkeley, California. He became estranged from his family, and he lived in a storage unit in Berkeley, sold hemp bracelets, had drug issues, joined the Green Party, became a nudist activist, and antagonized the local Democratic Party. He later experienced an ideological conversion, supporting Mike Lindell’s conspiracy theory that the 2020 United States presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump, and claiming that the January 6 Commission was a farce. He also promoted QAnon and other far-right conspiracy theories on his WordPress blog, where he attacked the elites, immigrants, people of color, women, gay people, and Muslims, and he accused Jews of orchestrating the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine in order to enrich themselves and conquer Ukraine.

David Depape Early Life?


David DePape was brought up in Canada until he was 14 years old, according to the Associated Press. He allegedly left Powell River, British Columbia, where he had grown up, at the age of 22, to follow an older lover to San Francisco, where he remained until finally relocating to Berkeley, a town known for its university.
Gene DePape, David’s stepfather, expressed his shock upon learning of the allegations against the suspect. DePape was mentioned in a 2013 San Francisco Chronicle article as a hemp jewellery artisan who shared a residence with a nudist campaigner.

David Wayne DePape Offence against the Law

On Friday, October 28, 42-year-old David DePape, the husband of lawmaker Nancy Pelosi, was charged with beating 82-year-old businessman Paul Pelosi.

In the early morning hours of 28 October 2022, DePape broke into the residence of Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco, grabbed a hammer in front of responding San Francisco Police Department officers, and attacked Nancy Pelosi’s 82-year-old husband Paul Pelosi, demanding to know where Nancy Pelosi was; at the time, she was in Washington DC. Paul Pelosi underwent skull surgery and received treatment for serious injuries to his arm and hands, while DePape was arrested.

At around two in the morning, David DePape allegedly stormed into the Pelosi residence in San Francisco and struck Paul Pelosi with a hammer. According to Fox News, police arrived on the scene quickly and detained the man after accusing him of several offenses, including burglary and attempted homicide.

According to Today News, his online background demonstrated both far-right and liberal anti-establishment sentiments, with many of his writings delving into speculations like communism, vaccines, and extraterrestrial life.
Although San Francisco police have not revealed the exact circumstances surrounding DePape’s alleged assault on Paul Pelosi, they believe Nancy Pelosi, 82, was DePape’s intended victim.
Nancy Pelosi announced her intention to charge the suspect during a formal press conference. According to the BBC, Paul Pelosi required medical attention after the incident since he sustained injuries to his right arm and hands in addition to a cracked head.

David DePape Supports to Hate Speech and Conspiracies.

CNN claims that DePape also shared memes and conspiracies on Facebook regarding the COVID vaccination, the 2020 election, and the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

DePape is described as a former nudism activist in other local media. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, DePape was chosen to be the best man at Gypsy Taub’s wedding to a well-known nudist activist in 2013 in San Francisco City Hall.

He was also one of several nudist activists who protested against current state senator Scott Wiener’s initiatives, who at the time was a city supervisor for the Castro and Noe Valley districts and successfully pushed for a ban on public nudity, according to the Chronicle.

Officers found Paul Pelosi and DePape arguing over a hammer when they arrived at the residence Friday morning, according to San Francisco Police Chief William Scott.

Paul Pelosi and DePape were both escorted to a hospital to receive medical attention for their wounds.
representative of Nancy Pelosi stated that a full recovery was anticipated for Paul Pelosi.

Depape’s Court Case, Trial and Charge

According to Scott, DePape will be arrested and charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, burglary, and other alleged crimes.

According to Scott, the San Francisco police, the FBI, the U.S. Capitol Police, and federal and local prosecutors are all working together to investigate the matter.

DePape will be arrested and charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, and other felonies, according to Scott.

Scott later acknowledged that DePape was still being treated there. While he was unable to comment on his health, he promised reporters that he will be arrested and charged with a felony.

Scott added that the attack and break-in were not random occurrences.

It’s wrong, and their families didn’t agree to subject them to suffering in this way. Moreover, based on the results of our study, we can now say with certainty that this was not a random act. This was planned. And it is untrue. Our elected representatives are here to conduct business on behalf of their towns, counties, states, and the entire country added a visibly irate Scott.

Ten Facts about Depape that you might not Know

  1. He grew up in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada. Still based in Powell River, his family lost in touch with him after he left Canada to follow a girlfriend to the U.S.
  2. His twin sister Joanne Robinson lives in New Zealand.
  3. He is the stepson of Gene DePape, who is RonDePape‘s brother and Teresa DePape‘s husband.
  4. After graduating from high school in Canada, he moved to Hawaii, USA then to California.
  5. Since 2002, he and his twin sister have not communicated with each other.
  6. In 2012, he joined a group of nudist activists who went to the streets of San Francisco, California to protest restrictions on public nudity, which were approved by the Board of Supervisors that year.
  7. On December 19, 2013, he was the best man in the wedding of Jaymz Smith and high-profile nudist Gypsy Taub on the steps of City Hall in San Francisco. He lived with Smith, Taub and her three children in a three-bedroom Victorian flat in Berkeley, California. At the time, he listed himself as a Green Party member in San Francisco voting records.
  8. Amid the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which started in 2020, he maintained a blog in which he expressed his QAnon beliefs, his support for Donald Trump and his bigoted commentary directed at women, people of color, Muslims, Jewish people and the LGBTQ community. On October 28, 2022, the blog was suspended.
  9. On October 28, 2022, he broke into Paul Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi‘s house in San Francisco. He used a hammer to attack Paul, who was alone. Paul was able to dial 911, which led to his arrest. He was charged with assault, burglary, false imprisonment, attempted murder, threatening the family member of a public official and dissuading a witness to a crime.
  10. He was 42 years old and was living in a stucco house with an overgrown garden in Richmond, California when he was arrested on October 28, 2022. On November 4, 2022, he waived his appearance in a San Francisco Superior Court. He will attend a status hearing on November 28, 2022 and a preliminary hearing on December 14, 2022.


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