Designer Cardholder vs. Designer Wallets Which One Suits You?

When it comes time to elevate your options in terms of carrying the essentials, it boils down to a choice between a wallet or a cardholder for most women. As people pivot towards going cashless, the traditional wallet has a competitor: the designer cardholder.  

So let’s look into what you might prefer and why. 

Benefits of a Wallet: 

  •     Wallets can carry more, including cash and cards, and have a degree of personalisation to how you organise them. 
  •     Wallets are a more common and easy-to-find option with more styles in the designer market. 
  •     Wallets made in leather are known to last decades after purchase with the right maintenance. 

Downsides of a Wallet:

  •     Wallets can become bulky, even if the wallet itself isn’t, as it’s filled it starts to expand and get bigger. Until it doesn’t really fit into your handbag anymore
  •     Wallets are expensive. Especially in the designer market, the hardware and cutting of the leather takes a lot of work, so even lower-tier designer wallets can be pricey. 

Benefits of a Cardholder

  •     They are slim, and sleek and get rid of clutter.
  •     Many cardholders are rigid, meaning the cards are protected.
  •     Cardholders can be cheaper than a wallet in the designer world. 

Disadvantages of Cardholders

  •     Cardholders can’t really handle cash, they are made only for cards.
  •     Cardholders can be too small. The smallest carry two to three cards and the larger ones carry up to twelve slots or more. This may not be enough for everyone.
  •     Cardholders have fewer options in terms of size and style in the designer world. 

When looking at the above, it is clear that wallets and cardholders have different functions. Wallets are for everyone, and cardholders are for people who just want cards. The ideal would be to look at what you really need within your wallet and then see if it translates better to a wallet to a cardholder. Then, you can head to the Louis Vuitton website and take a good look at all the options in high-end leather and canvas.