Di’ja – Duniya ft Hamisu Breaker

Di’ja, a Mavin Records artist, returns to the music scene with a new song titled “Duniya.”

On this track, she enlists the help of her colleague Hamisu Breaker.

This is her first single in a long time; her previous single, “My Baby,” was released in March. She promises to release new music in the coming weeks before the end of the year.

Listen to and download Di’ja’s “Duniya” featuring Hamisu Breaker below.


In the ever-evolving landscape of the global music industry, artists continue to explore new horizons and blend cultural influences to create harmonious masterpieces. One such remarkable collaboration that has caught the attention of music enthusiasts is Di’ja’s “Duniya” featuring Hamisu Breaker. This song not only showcases the artists’ exceptional talents but also highlights the beauty of cultural fusion in music.

The Fusion of Sounds

“Duniya” is a prime example of the magic that happens when artists from different musical backgrounds unite their creative forces. Di’ja, a Nigerian-Sierra Leonean artist signed to Mavin Records, teams up with Hamisu Breaker, a prominent Hausa-language singer from Northern Nigeria. The track’s title, “Duniya,” translates to “world” in English, reflecting the song’s universal appeal that transcends linguistic and cultural boundaries.

The song seamlessly merges elements from Di’ja’s Afrobeat and Afropop influences with Hamisu Breaker’s traditional Hausa sound, creating a captivating sonic experience. The pulsating rhythm and catchy melody draw listeners in, while the harmonious blend of languages