[Mixtape] Dj Baddo – Best Of Wizkid

Dj Baddo Best Of Wizkid

Stream and Download Dj Baddo Best Of Wizkid Mp3 Download Audio Mixtape.

We present Best of Wizkid Dj Mixtape By DJ Baddo , which is available for streaming and free mp3 download.

The new DJ mixtape is a compilation of the singer’s hit songs that will fit nicely into your playlist.

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1, Holla At Your Boi

2, Joy

3, Ojuelegba

4, Wine It

5, Wad Up

6, Gidi Girl

7, No Lele

8, Bombay

9, Matter

10, Roll It

11, Dance On The Floor

12, Tease Me

13, Sound It

14, Baddest Guy

15, Don’t Dull

16, Wiz Party

17, Jaiye Jaiye

18, Expensive Sheet

19, Pakurumo

20, I Love My Baby

21, Go Down Low

22, Caro

23, Sisi Nene

24, Eledumare

25, Samba

26, Show You The Money

27, On Top Your Matter

28, Oje

29, Dance For Me

30, Mafimisere

31, Mama Mi

32, Sexy Mama

33, Duze

34, For You

35, In My Bed

36, Zombie

37, Jeje

38, What You Wana Do

39, Azonto

40, Thank You

Dj Baddo is a well-known Nigerian disc jockey (DJ) and music producer. He has established himself as a prominent figure in the Nigerian music industry and has gained recognition for his mixtapes, DJ performances, and contributions to the promotion of Nigerian and African music. Dj Baddo is celebrated for his ability to curate diverse and engaging music collections that cater to different musical tastes.

Mixtapes and Their Role

Mixtapes are compilations of songs, often blended together in a continuous mix, created by DJs to showcase various artists, styles, or themes. Mixtapes have played a significant role in the music industry, serving as a platform for DJs to exhibit their skills, introduce new artists, and provide listeners with a curated musical experience. Mixtapes are particularly popular in hip-hop and electronic dance music (EDM) genres, where DJs often remix and blend tracks to create unique soundscapes.

Best Of Wizkid Mixtape

A “Best Of Wizkid” mixtape is likely a compilation of some of the most popular and iconic songs by the Nigerian music superstar Wizkid. Wizkid, whose real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, is one of Africa’s most celebrated and influential artists. He gained global recognition for his unique blend of Afrobeats, reggae, and pop music, as well as his collaborations with international artists.

A “Best Of Wizkid” mixtape would likely feature a selection of Wizkid’s hit songs from various albums and projects throughout his career. This mixtape provides an opportunity for fans to revisit and enjoy some of Wizkid’s most memorable tracks in a seamless and continuous mix. It may also serve as an introduction to Wizkid’s music for new listeners, showcasing his musical evolution and diverse range of styles.

Accessing Mixtapes

Mixtapes are often distributed through various platforms, both online and offline. Online platforms include DJ websites, music streaming services, and social media platforms. Listeners can stream or download mixtapes for free or sometimes for a nominal fee, depending on the platform and the DJ’s distribution preferences.

When accessing mixtapes, it’s important to ensure that you are using legitimate sources and respecting copyright regulations. DJs often create mixtapes by blending copyrighted songs, and while mixtapes are widely accepted in the music industry, it’s crucial to support the artists and creators involved.


In conclusion, Dj Baddo’s “Best Of Wizkid” mixtape represents a celebration of Wizkid’s musical journey and contributions to the Nigerian and African music scenes. Mixtapes serve as a creative outlet for DJs to showcase their skills and introduce listeners to a curated selection of songs. As you enjoy the “Best Of Wizkid” mixtape or any other mixtape, remember to appreciate the artistry of both the DJ and the featured artists while respecting copyright and supporting legitimate distribution channels.