10 Things You Didn’t Know About Commissional DJ Wysei 

Commissional DJ Wysei 

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Commissional DJ Wysei ..



Being a disk jocker in Nigeria is a bit tough if you don’t have the adequate links to perform at big shows.


In our article, today, Dj Wysei would be our topic of discussion we would be looking at: Dj Wysei Age, Career and Achievement

Dj Wysei was born on the 2nd of November 1996. Therefore, Dj Wysei age is 26 as at 2022.

Dj Wysei went to college in Imo State for both her primary and secondary schooling. National Open University came after that.

Dj Wysei’s advantage in music started during her secondary school and University days a long time while she was an understudy.

In the year 2014, Commissioner DJ Wysei started her expert vocation as a DJ. Throughout the summer of 2016, she was employed as an in-house DJ by her University radio channel, Noun.

Her effort with Noun FM Lagos permitted her to foster her abilities and talents further. To keep her audience members stuck to their radios, she figured out a method for playing music.


Following only two (2) years as a DJ, she was picked and gotten an award recognition; from that point onward, she set for a tour named the “Ctown Tour,” She performed for fans across the Benin Republic, including Port Novo. Whenever “CNN” and the BBC perceived her as one of the best female DJs in Africa, she felt like she had achieved something amazing.


Despite Dj Wysei age she is one of the most top ranking disk jockers in the country. She has also performed at the BBNaija ‘Shine Your Eyes’ episode.

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