Does Andrea Mitchell Truly Have Brain Tumor As Rumored?

Does Andrea Mitchell Truly Have Brain Tumor As Rumored

Meet Andrea Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell, is a notable and yet renowned journalist, and anchor, who has been a mainstay on network television for years.

Does Andrea Mitchell Truly Have Brain Tumor As Rumored

Andrea Mitchell

Does Andrea Mitchell Have Brain Tumor?

The rumor that Andrea Mitchell has a brain tumor going around social media sites seems uncertain, though she as of April this year had  numerous appointments with her doctor due to hearing loss in her left ear and After an MRI it was determined that she have Vestibular Schwannoma which is a tumor on my brain.

Fans got a glimpse into Andreas health struggles during the Delicate singers documentary, Miss Americana, which premiered on Netflix the same month. The tumor was found while Andrea was receiving treatment for an undisclosed type of cancer for the second time in her life. Due to early detection, the treatment she received was effective.


Andrea once had cancer was discovered early and was treated easily. In addition, she received the Matrix Award from New York Women in Communications for her outstanding work in broadcast journalism. She works as the Chief Foreign Affairs & Chief Washington Correspondent for NBC News.