Dr Reuel Khoza Biography, Age, Nationality, Marital Status, Career and Net Worth

Dr Reuel Khoza is a vastly talented and one of the smartest Africans alive. He is also the author of these books, Attuned Leadership, Let Africa Lead, The African in my Dream and The Power of Governance (with Mohamed Adam).

Profile Summary

Full Name Reuel Khoda
Date of Birth December 31st, 1949
Nationality South African
Occupation Writer, Businessman, Musician and Farmer
Famous as One of South African most learned men
Net Worth $1 Million dollar

Who is Dr Reuel Khoza?

Reuel Khoza is a well-grounded Businessman, President of the Institute of Directors in South Africa (IoDSA), Africanist, public speaker, Distinguished thought leader and change agent at the forefront of transformation in the South African political economy, Dr Reuel Khoza has been hailed as a role model in respect of the duties and responsibilities that a citizen can and should take on in the public and national interest.

Early Life and Educational Qualification of Dr Reuel Khoza


Reuel is a South African admired scholar, who was born on December 31st, 1949. Reuel started learning from a young age, as he was gathered to have attended quite a host of institutional homes, to boost, expand and feed his intellectual being.

Reuel Khoza attended Harvard Business School to study an Executive Development program, from which he proceeded to IMD Business school and did an International Programme for Board Members IPBM. Reuel never stopped there as he also attended Lancaster University and graduated with a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Marketing Management.

Dr Reuel Khoza Biography Age Nationality Marital Status Career And Net Worth
Dr Reuel Khoza

Reuel Khoza also attended Rhodes University and acquired a Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa. Once again, he was taught in The University of Limpopo and obtained a B.A. with honours in psychology. Then finally, the University of Warwick, where he graduated with an Engineering Doctorate.

His educational background is quite impressive I must say.

Marital life of Reuel Khoza

Reuel Khoza is a well-respected married man. He met and got married to his wife, who is popularly called Mumsy Khoza, and in years’ time the union was blessed with a daughter who goes by the name of  Nkateko.

Dr Reuel Khoza’s Career Choices

As a multitalented being, Dr Reuel is gathered to have more than just one career choice/

Firstly, Dr Reuel Khoza is a writer. He has penned down several books on leadership such as,

  • The power of Governance
  • Attuned Leadership: African Humanism as Compass
  • Seeking the Ethical Foundations of the South African Nation
  • Let Africa Lead: African Transformational Leadership for 21st Century Business.

He once served as Eskom chairman between 1997 -2002. After which he joined Nedbank as the chairman in the year 2005 and served there until 2015.

Reuel Khoza also has a touch into music. After releasing his book, attuned Leadership, he committed most of his time to write lyrics to his Cousin Shalati Khosa’s compositions. Out of Shalati Khosa’s 850 compositions, he, with the help of a friend, has recorded sixty songs. He has two SAMA nominated albums, and they are both available on iTunes.

He is lastly and most importantly a farmer. Reuel felt the urge to try his hand in farming. It is quite interesting how someone at his age would dare to venture in such a demanding enterprise at a time when his age mates are retiring. He owned Koeltehof Packers in Mpumalanga. Leveraging his business leadership and entrepreneurial skills, he has raised his company to be the second-largest avocado packhouse in the whole country. Although he ventured in farming late in life, Khoza’s interest in this activity had been in him since childhood. He had been raised in Bushbuckridge where he shared the duties of herding his grandfather’s cattle with his cousins. “My grandfather saw potential in me, so I began to go to school full-time. But the love of farming was already instilled in me.” He said In one interview, he shared how he would slow down his car whenever he spotted cattle. He says that this would irritate his wife, but later on, at 60, she bought him a Boran heifer, and that is how his flames for farming were ignited.

Reuel Khoza Net Worth

From all his numerous sources of income, Dr Reuel Khoza is worth $1 Million dollar.


Reuel Khoza is the Chancellor of the University of Limpopo, and a founding director of the Black Management Forum and the former chairman of Eskom Holdings Ltd and Nedbank Group Ltd. Reuel Khoza is a fellow and president of the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa, a deputy chairman of the King Committee on Corporate Governance and a visiting professor at Rhodes University, the University of the Free State and Wits Business School.


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