Dubai Porta Potty: All About The Scandal

On the web, testimonies and videos have surfaced that are completely astonishing. Influencers who accept unimaginable sexual practices for money.

These practices that were thought to be sporadic are in fact a fashion in the city that is supposed to have strict religious rules.


As if, in the kingdom of lust, there is no place for religion even among the strictest. “Dubai Porta Potty” (a term for portable toilets) is a set of practices that female influencers and other young women do in exchange for money or gifts.


It’s pretty disgusting, but these women let obviously very disturbed men relieve themselves (pee and cca) on their faces in exchange for bags, shoes and other valuables. The cases have been causing a buzz on TikTok and Twitter over the past week and have horrified social media users. Several youtubers have shared videos which we have chosen not to relay here. Some of them even indulge in zophilia.

At the end of their despicable mission, these women are rewarded with a sum ranging from $15,000 to $20,000 according to some accounts. A testimony relayed by the blogger wassim tv: “on the instagram accounts of these influencers and influencers who go to Dubai, you can see beautiful photos in private jets, beautiful photos in the desert, beautiful photos in beautiful suites. But it all comes at a price.

The truth has been coming out for months now and this week a video buzzed in that confirms everything we knew or suspected. Many of the female influencers you see on social media are indeed escorts. They are paid to spend time with billionaires in Dubai. But if they want more money, they owe a lot of things.


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